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Espaço Força e Luz launches new notice

Former CEEE Cultural Center Erico Verissimo, open public notice 01/2021 for selection of exhibition projects, called Force and Light – cultural energy’.

The initiative aims to promote the appreciation of cultural professionals, especially coming out of the pandemic period. The goal is to select, remunerate and enable 6 exhibition projects for the occupation of spaces: the archipelago – Levels I and II, with the possibility of using the Hall – Levels I, II and Showcases. Those selected will make up the cultural agenda 2022 of the institution.

For the Educational-Cultural Space Manager, Anna Mattos, this is a remarkable step in the new phase that the institution is going through.. "We are seeking to participate more actively in the creative economy and offer innovative solutions to the challenges of the Cultural Sector", emphasizes.

Anna also emphasizes that precisely because of this institution's positioning, is that the evaluation committee of the projects defined an award for the selected, established in R$ 600,00, plus R$ 600,00 for additional production costs, e R$ 300,00 to carry out an educational activity linked to the exhibition project.

Interested parties must access the site eflcultural.org.br/envolva-se where is all the information, and the documents required for participation. Registration period runs to day 21/11, the dissemination of qualified projects takes place on the day 26/11 and the result will be published on the day 06/12.

The new phase of the institution

The space, launched its new positioning and visual identity, maintaining its commitment to the conservation of the Strength and Light Building, the expansion of Electricity Museum of Rio Grande do Sul and the preservation of the Erik Verissimo Memorial Memorial, following its purpose of providing a space for holding exhibitions, shows, workshops, and other cultural activities. So that now, in this new version, the goal is to expand your work as a promoter of culture, contributing to collective transformation and expanding access to knowledge

It wasn't just the design, Force and Light @s also changed. Now all social networks, Instagram, Facebook e Twitter, stay like @eflcultural, Linkedin is Espaço Força e Luz and the site becomes eflcultural.org.br.

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The institution also starts to adopt, from day 19/10, the presentation of a vaccination card to visit the building, in accordance with the new guidelines of the state government, as a way to increase everyone's safety. Visiting hours remain the same: Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 7 pm and Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm. The mediated visits are scheduled through the link provided on the Instagram profile @eflcultural.

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