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"The Dance" at the Teatro Cleon Jacques. Photo: Disclosure.

Show "the dance" premieres this Thursday at Cleon Jacques

The Modulated Theatrical research group (MPT) premiere this week the play "the Homecoming". The show is inspired by the movie of the same name from Italian Director Ettore Scolla and has other influences, How Almodóvar and Fellini. The show portrays small fragments of the characters who frequent the same ball, called “Kanaã”, where each carries on his shoulders the weight of his stories and sad figures try to find, seeking meaning to their lives.

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The work is the fruit of research and laboratory developed throughout the year 2017 by the Group, involving various techniques such as Dance Theater, physical theater and ballroom dancing. The MPT is bound to the State College of Paraná and the show has the support of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba.

Service: Show "The Dance"
Local: Cleon Theatre Jacques- (Av. Mateus Leme, 4700 -São Lourenço)
Date and times: 23 and 24 November, at 8:0 pm,
25 November, at 5:00 pm and at 8:00 pm
26 November, at 19h
Entrance: Free
Parental guidance: 14 years


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