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Consciousness Exhibition

Curated by Samuel Graças and directed by Icon Artistic Advisory, to exhibition Consciousness will be on display at Centro Cultural Solar de Botafogo from 31 March to 8 April.


During the exhibition, the visitor will be confronted with tangible manifestations of processes initiated by creative epiphanies, although, carried out by artistic inquiries deeply connected with the way of existing.

The work departs from the world of ideas and is projected to the outside as a plasma image of the artist's mental screen., containing your desires, dreams and secrets.


Covering topics such as elevation through spirituality, the connection to inner chaos, overcoming psychological barriers, weakness in the face of everyday torments, the defense of technique and faith in the sincerity of self-teaching, the exhibition is permeated by an intense search to refine the perceptions of life.

exhibiting artists:

Alisson Cricket

Andre Briguenti

Antonio Carvalho

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gabriel rodrigues

Gleidson Riff

Iriê Salomão

Jô Bianchi

Lucia Guim

Maximílian Rodrigues

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Renata Kallahari

Rick Guedes

Sonia Gouveia

Thayná Guedes

Valeria Mendes

Vitor Luiz Bento Leite



Free entry
From 31/3 to 8/4 – Day 02/4 (Sunday) the space will be closed
Solar Cultural Center of Botafogo
S. Gen. Polidoro, 180 – Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro
Opening (31/3): 17 hrs at 20:30 hrs
Visitation (1/4 to 8/4): 13 hrs at 19 hrs

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