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Exhibition “existential places” at Shopping Via Parque da Barra

Curated by Samuel Graças and directed by Icon Assessoria Artística, the exhibition Lugares Existenciais will be on display on the mezzanine floor of Livraria Leitura Shopping Via Parque de 21 to 28 de Mayo.

The presentation of poetic speeches was conceived as a compartmentalized mirror, however unique, that reflects the natural way in which art is inserted in the lives of exhibitors; mirroring not only the individuality of each, but also the relationship that such individuality weaves with the collective reality. After all, at the same time that the artist is a “creator” of unique works, he is also a “creature” formed by social and temporal contexts. Based on this sensitive point, familiarization is proposed, an approximation, in order to lead each viewer to reflect on how art is incorporated in its own place of existence. A shows evokes human psychological and emotional structures, by highlighting the artistic production as a means of manifestation of the internal issues that manage our desires, fears and motivations. Following are the actions that take place on Saturdays and Sundays, re-signification of materials and means, social criticism, identity affirmation, family ties, self-overcoming… These are some of the intricacies to be analyzed by the visitor.

Considering the intrinsic connections between artist and work, “Existential Places” conceives a space for dialogue between different visual poetics to create a network of understanding about art and life.

exhibiting artists:

Andrea Bonow
Carla Carvalhosa
Giovanna Kleinman
Jô Bianchi
Marina Zampiroli
Marli Marinho
Maryam Souza
Wellerson Cesar
William of Jesus


Free entry
From 21/5 to 28/5
Livraria Reading Shopping Via Parque
By Ayrton Senna, 3000 - Barra da Tijuca
Rio de Janeiro
Seg a Sex: 10 hrs at 22 hrs
Sat, sun and holidays: 13 hrs at 21 hrs

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