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Exhibition at the Spanish Steps evokes the preparations for Christmas. Photo: Doreen Marques/FCC.

Exhibition at the Spanish Steps evokes the preparations for Christmas

It is the photographic exhibition Christmas Blow, which features the delicate glass craftsman working José Schebest

Starting this week, Curitiba and tourists have one more reason to stop by at the Spanish Steps, in Bigorrilho neighborhood. The Cultural Center Cervantes opened the show Christmas blow, a collection of 22 photographs on the delicate work of the glass craftsman and Christmas José Schebest.

The exhibition features enlarged copies of part of Marcos Campos photos, Team of the House of Memory of the Curitiba Cultural Foundation. The material was produced at the craftsman's workshop, in the early ' 90. The images, all in black and white, blowing show Schebest, shaping and transforming the glass balls and tips of various sizes – true works of art for composing the magical Christmas scene.

José Schebest – or Silvestre, as many said, due to the difficult pronunciation of the surname of Czech origin – He practiced his art for more than 80 years. He started working in the office to 14 years, around 1918, and even old worked in his workshop, the Ahu neighborhood. Died in 2000, at the age of 96 years.

delicate work

"It's a journey through the legacy work so beautiful by artisan and can please adults and children", said the coordinator of the Cultural Center, Kathya Menna Barreto, space formed by the House of Reading Miguel de Cervantes and the studio of visual arts La Mancha.

To make life easier for patrons who have pets, the site is pet friendly. "Coaches can take advantage of the stop to see the exhibition and take the animals to drink water here beside", observa Kathya, referring to the strategically installed water cooler.

The show Christmas Wind is part of the photographic collection of the House of Memory. It is made up of about 40 thousand items, which may be borrowed to carry out exposure after they have been copied and expanded. The originals remain in the collection.

Christmas blow
(Photographic exhibition)
Local: Centro Cultural Miguel de Cervantes (Spain square, Bigorrilho)
Date: open until 6 January
For all audiences


Source: www.fundacaoculturaldecuritiba.com.br/noticias/artesao-do-vidro-exposicao-na-praca-da-espanha-evoca-os-preparativos-para-o-natal/

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