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“Exhibition Verso in Colors” of the Artist Rita Caruzzo

Come check out the exhibit of an artist.


Sao Paulo AABB

From 20 to 28 September (weekends)
Time: 10h às 17h
Local: Melo Arts Gallery
Road Itapecerica, 1935 – Santo Amaro
São Paulo


Exhibition Invitation:

Exposure Verse Color Rita Caruzzo


Poem Artist:

“Was given in the period of enxergarmos colors… and so we can see the colorful flowers, nature, animals, do céu, all around us.

The brush has a duty to put through the masterful hands the color of life, masterfully mixing the importance of red, Blue, green, white, black, yellow, etc… overflowing and let the entire magnitude of the creation screens.

The colors appear in the firmament, through the arch Iris, making reflect and transcend our imagination, put us in the world of dreams and fantasies; enaltecermos life and make it colored gigantically wonderful way.” – Rita Caruzzo.

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São Paulo – São Paulo
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E-mail: rita.caruzzo@hotmail.com


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