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Abreu Fabiano gives tips on how to face and overcome fear

In its primary and biological function, fear is considered by experts a natural and healthy. After all, fear often keep us from potentially dangerous situations which pose threat to our survival. However, too much, the feeling of fear can disrupt anyone's life, no relational aspect, social and psychological.

The philosopher Fabiano de Abreu brings some tips and thoughts that can help you overcome excessive fear and become a more open and free person to go towards their achievements in life.

The concept of fear

The first thing I think from fear is the fact that it is an emotion and not a feeling. The feeling is the result of an emotion, that is, may be the fear emotion it is when the primary and secondary turns to become the feeling and there arise syndromes such as panic phobias leading to, TOC (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) e TAG (Generalized Anxiety Disorder).

Fabiano de Abreu. Foto: MF Press Global.

Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: MF Global Press.

Both sides of fear

The positive side of fear is that it and the pain preserve life, they are essential. So we have to define clearly the kind of fear and the weight of it in our lives, but if you fear hinders or hampers our decisions and it becomes an obstacle to the achievement, I think in a practical recipe so you can deal with it or beat it.

Fear is positive when fear protects us from tragedy or something that will hurt us. Negative when it prevents us to win or go ahead.

Fear is constantly present in our lives. The difference is like dosamos in our existence.

The death

I think the fear is directly related to death. It is as if death were the greatest fear and everyone else come of it. If there were no death, there would be more chances, longer and thus more opportunities. The consequences are linked to well-being and health, which results in delayed death.

Then I thought of death in a different way, as a reason not to fear life. If I do not fear life, soon I have to harvest its fruits. Soon I have to take actions that give me the result before it's too late.

Win fear putting the reason for (service) of emotion

We always have to define clearly the kind of fear and its consequences. If fear preserve me from death and your chances are great, worth risking? But if fear keeps you from moving forward for your achievements, worth being afraid? So we should use emotional intelligence to measure the ratio referring to the fear so that we can control and regulate it in a beneficial way life. Put the reason in the service of emotion.

We beat the fear when we work our emotional intelligence in favor of reason. I usually use the reverse strategies. I was and am a shy person, I had my fears.

So I thought that life is so short, soon I have fear and jam, I will not know the result. And the reason will cause you to exceed fear.

Concept of fear

Joana Freitas. Foto: Facebook, reprodução.

Joana Freitas. Photo: Facebook, reproduction.

The Portuguese archaeologist Joana Freitas agrees with the philosopher and adds his opinion on the aspects of fear.

Fear is constantly present in our lives. What we should remember is the way we view and doseamos. Fear presents himself before the human being as a force. This force that can tilt to a positive side or a more negative. Feeling fear can withdraw us from doing things we would be harmful but at the same time can act as a lever when we have to lose our fear overlaps. The fear and the unknown go hand in hand. Most of our fears is mainly because they do not focus on us all the knowledge and control we would wish. If we exclude the primary sensory and fear (fear of heights e.g.) we are left with the most dangerous of fears: fear streamlined. Think of specific issues with the clarity of thought itself is dangerous leaves us with the feeling that our entire existence will focus on issues that frighten us away we have to overcome them. The biggest fear for most people is death itself. But life without death also does not make sense. They are closely linked. But because death causes us so much fear and sadness? Is it because it is an end or because in reality our fears never left us truly get? Die without living. But for all the money there is its reverse. And if the world is to the strong, They are they to fear redouble their courage and still reach their goals. If the fear in retracting the courage in active. We live in this balance, then is our intelligence that determines which way we fall.

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