Portuguese archaeologist warns in her book that one of the oldest human settlements in the world will disappear

Hasankeyf. Photo: Café Central / MF Global Press.

Portuguese archeologist and historian, Joana Freitas, has a book published in a Brazilian publisher for more than 12.000 years, the river Tigris sustains the people of Hasankeyf, which is considered one of the oldest known human settlements. Now time is running out for the ancient city, which is about to be submerged by the waters of the reservoir … Read more

Soldier killed five centuries ago found in lake in Lithuania

Soldier killed five centuries ago found in lake in Lithuania. Photo: Disclosure / MF Global Press.

There are more than 5 centuries a medieval soldier died of causes still unknown and his remains ended up nine meters deep under the mud of lake Asveja, in eastern Lithuania. Today, so many centuries later it was finally found during an underwater inspection of the pillars of the old Dubingiai bridge built in the years … Read more

Archaeologist separates the biggest and most important epidemics in history

Joana Freitas outlines a short chronology of the epidemics and pandemics that most affected us as humanity Viruses and men have shared space and measured forces since the beginnings of civilization. Dessa forma a arqueóloga Joana Freitas traça uma pequena cronologia das epidemias e pandemias que mais nos afetaram enquanto humanidade. Inicia explicando e colocando oRead more

Fabiano de Abreu launches book that says that anyone can be famous

“How to become a celebrity” is the new book by Fabiano de Abreu. The book reveals the secrets of how to become famous publicist that soared over 500 people to fame. In just five years, the press officer, filósofo e psicanalista Fabiano de Abreu alcançou a façanha de se tornar oRead more

Abreu Fabiano gives tips on how to face and overcome fear

Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: MF Global Press.

In its primary and biological function, fear is considered by experts a natural and healthy. After all, fear often keep us from potentially dangerous situations which pose threat to our survival. However, too much, the feeling of fear can disrupt anyone's life, no relational aspect, social and psychological. The … Read more