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Festival Making Cinema 2020, Flyer. Disclosure.
Festival Making Cinema 2020, Flyer. Disclosure.

Film Festival

Cycle of thematic events dedicated to the promotion of the Italian cinema and film industry takes place online and honors director Federico Fellini and actor Alberto Sordi, in the centenary year of their births

To complete this intense cinema panorama, the Italian Cultural Institute also makes the film available to the public free of charge Magic Nights (Magic night), de Paolo Virzì

Festival Making Cinema (Cinema): from 15 even day 21 of June – on the IIC Rio de Janeiro Youtube channel: @IIC RIO.

Movie Magic Nights (Magic night), de Paolo Virzì: Friday, subtitled in Portuguese – from 26 to 28 of June

Interested parties must apply, Until thursday, day 25 of June, through link: docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf4aITz37fjtfC-SsRZHdb9evWRN4mWHYaSt5hoTIh2wR-wEg/viewform

From 15 until 21 of June, the Italian diplomatic and consular network in Brazil holds the third edition of the Festival Making Cinema (Cinema), a cycle of thematic events dedicated to the promotion of the Italian cinema and film industry, this year fully accessible online.

Over the course of a week,, on the RaiPlay platform, a series of content dedicated to Italian cinema and industry professionals. Masterclasses with journalists and critics, video lessons on the different professional profiles that contribute to the production of the cinematographic work, original short films and many other unpublished content that will be accessible for free and without limitations.

The initiative will pay special tribute to director Federico Fellini and actor Alberto Sordi, in the centenary year of their births. In addition, on 20 of June the first edition of the World Italian Cinema Day and on 21 of June will happen Short Film Day, dedicated to the best Italian short films of recent years. To conclude this intense cinema panorama, on 26, Friday, the Italian Institute of Culture provides, for subscribers only, the movie Magic Nights (Magic night), de Paolo Virzì, distributed in Brazil by Imovision.

Fare Cinema is produced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy, in collaboration with the Ministry of Cultural Activities and Tourism, ICE, ANICA and Istituto Luce – Cinecittà.

In Program
(15 – 21 of June)

Many, and of great interest, are the cultural content offered at the Festival. Among the masterclasses, we find that of director and journalist Gianfranco Angelucci, on Federico Fellini's cinema and the contributions of film critic Gianni Canova, dedicated respectively to actor Alberto Sordi and contemporary Italian cinema. Fourteen video lessons, subtitled in English and carried out in collaboration with the main professional associations, illustrate aspects of the diverse crafts of cinema. In honor of the centenary of the master of Rimini, there will be a virtual visit to the exhibition The Centenary. Fellini in the world; two short films made by foreign filmmakers and dedicated to the figure of Fellini; several episodes of the series Fellini in Frames, a journey through the fellinian work made with archival material, made available by Istituto Luce – Cinecittà.

Among the other contents, tick: five short films selected for the David di Donatello award 2020, thanks to the collaboration with the Academy of Italian Cinema; series episodes OffStage dedicated to the acting profession, realizada pelo Experimental Center of Cinematography in Rome, as well as the series At the Film School with Rai Movie, dedicated to the writing profession and made available by Rai Movie.

All of these materials will be available without restrictions, from 15 to 21 of June, on the IIC Rio de Janeiro Youtube channel: @IIC RIO.

Short Film Day
(21 of June)

It is a great pleasure to announce the Short Film Day, program dedicated to the latest production of short films, that happens on the shortest day of the year! On 21 of June, the Italian Institutes of Culture in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and the Italian Embassy, in collaboration with the Centro Nazionale del Cortometraggio will make a representative selection of six films free, presented at the most important international festivals and subtitled in English. Are they: Black, of Sara Taigher; Gagarin I will miss you, de Domenico De Orsi; No Dorma, by Paolo Strippoli; A Sign in Space, by Nicholas Bertini; I'm talking about you, by Giuseppe Carleo; My tramp, de Gian Marco Pezzoli.

To watch, interested parties can access, from 00:00 until 24:00 Day 21 of June, the YouTube channel of the Italian Cultural Institute of Rio de Janeiro @IIC RIO.

Magic Nights. Streaming Italian Cinema
(26 – 28 of June)

The Italian Institutes of Culture in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, the Italian Embassy and the Belo Horizonte Consulate present, on 26 of June, streaming on the Vimeo online platform, the movie Magic Nights de Paolo Virzì (Italy, 2018, 125’), a comedy filled with black humor set in Rome, around the mysterious death of a film producer. Production arrives in Brazil with Imovision distribution.

Synopsis: a renowned film producer is found dead on the Tevere River, and the main suspects are three young screenwriters. While friends spend the night at the police station being interrogated by the police, they relive their tumultuous and exciting journey through the streets of Rome, in the final sighs of the glorious era of great Italian cinema.

To receive the link and password, interested parties can register, Until thursday, day 25 of June, through the form on the link:


A film, subtitled in Portuguese, will be available for 48 hours. Enjoy the session!

Instituto Italiano di Cultura di Rio de Janeiro

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