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Love Provisional and Unchangeable Title. Photo: Mariana Baeta.
Love Provisional and Unchangeable Title. Photo: Mariana Baeta.

Festival Mulher em Cena presents DF shows

National festival of performing arts produced, idealized and starred by women returns to the cultural agenda of the Federal Capital for its fourth edition

Festival Mulher em Cena

Theatrical shows from different angles, workshops and conversation circles make up the program with attractions from the DF and other regions

Based on the recognition of female performance in the arts, the woman on stage arrives at yours IV Edition with programming – diverse and free – which extends over the months of September and October. The Festival is an achievement of Instituto Arcana in partnership with the Brasilia Bank Workers Union.

of version Online, due to the risks of contagion by variants of the New Coronavirus and in respect of the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the presentations of brasilienses assemblies, no total of six, will have the Theater of the Bankers, in Brasília, as a stage for recordings.

Activities such as workshops and conversation circles will take place on a virtual meeting platform. While the productions [scenic] from outside Brasilia will be recorded in their home states, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Bahia, Acre and Pará.

Altogether, the curatorship of the Festival presents, from 22 to 31 October, 16 theatrical productions, being five scenic shows of short duration, and promotes six groups of four workshops with different themes, between 14 September and 24 October. Mediated by Najara milk, indigenous, feminist, sociologist in training, Coordinator of the Alternative Culture and Communication Organization, the schedule performs eight rounds of conversation, from 18 to 28 October. Six of them have the participation of protagonists of the shows presented at the Festival, one with social movement activists and the other with a teacher of contemplative practices.

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The Festival Concept, idealized by Instituto Arcana, among its objectives is to denounce and combat violence against women. Brazilian society reality that occupies alarming levels, challenges public institutions and print – daily – the news headlines.

Agenda for which "civil society has responsibility", point out the creators, that justify, "because this violence takes place from a sexist and misogynist culture – naturalized in family relationships, work and social life in general – that encourages abuse, the disrespect and, Consequently, encourages violence", evaluate.

According to data from the Department of Public Security on violence against women in the DF were recorded, between January and October 2019: 27 femicides, 474 rapes and 12.115 violations of the Maria da Penha Law. Which represents an average of 41 daily records. In the period, more than 30 women were murdered for gender reasons, the highest number since the enactment of the law that typifies the offense, in 2015.

Because of this, “from the territory of the arts and creativity, we held this Festival aimed at recognition, the empowerment, the reinforcement of self-esteem, in addition to promoting citizenship, dissemination of information and, Consequently, to the formation of a new awareness that reverse these alarming data", emphasize the leaders of the Union of Bankers.

Since the first edition, in 2009, Mulher em Cena presents a creative mosaic of contemporary issues of its time, seen through the female lens. the first edition, at SESC Taguatinga, had theater performances, dance, music and movie show. The following year [2010], at the Cláudio Santoro National Theater, expanded with exposure, literary releases, Circles of conversation, in addition to thrift stores and a stage for small presentations.

In 2012, participated in the “Funarte Brasília Occupation”, with a week of programming, that filled four spaces of the cultural complex. In edition in Tocantins, in the year 2010, the festival was equally successful, when he circulated through the capital, Palmas, the meeting of artists from DF and Tocantins with an estimated audience of 10.000 people.

In its diverse list of theatrical productions, to IV Edition of Mulher em Cena presents shows for all audiences and in different languages, ranging from puppet theater to lick-licking, passing shadow hair and music. Between mounts, there are solos and plays with reduced cast that lead the audience through themes like genre, racism, religion and human rights. As obras dramatúrgicas, brought in this issue, sought inspiration in facts and regionalisms, in the literature, no national folklore, among other sources.

The four workshops open spaces for experiences that stimulate creativity, self-knowledge and body awareness, crossed by contact with the feminine. They use group dynamics, socializing and theatrical games, improvisations, plastic arts techniques, dance and literature. A, directed at men, in particular, will discuss the need to deconstruct machismo in everyday life, respect for gender differences, the defense of equity and other themes that serve to regain consciousness.

At the opening of this edition of the Festival, day 18 October, Mulher em Cena promotes a Conversation Round with the theme “The Female Protagonism in Social Movements”, when the relevance of programming in the context of affirming women and overcoming discrimination and violence will also be discussed.. Others will deal with relevant contemporary issues.

The Conversation Circles and the Shows will be broadcast on the Instituto Arcana channel on YouTube. The program can be followed on the Institute's networks at @institutoarcana no Facebook e no Instagram.

The IV Festival Mulher em Cena will host the multi-artist, writer, poet, actress and drama teacher Cristiane Sobral. With 10 released books, Cristiane has participated in several anthologies and her texts have been translated and published in several countries. When Charlemagne was crowned by the Pope Leo III 2019, lectured on black literature at nine US universities, inclusive a de Harvard. That same year, was judge of the Jabuti Award, in the short story category.

The Festival Mulher em Cena is carried out through the term of development with the Special Secretariat of Culture of the Ministry of Tourism with Instituto Arcana in partnership with Bank Workers Union of Brasilia and with production of Block B e do Transform Institute.

Show schedule:


Interactive, the show is a circle of two stories narrated by Véia, "the most vein of the veins!”. The short story “The creator boy” introduces us, in a playful and mocking way, creativity as a possibility for transformation, while “A Moça Redonda” speaks of the woman and her body as a cauldron of life and death, in an eternal cycle of creation and destruction. “Tales from the interior” is a playful spectacle created especially for the child who lives inside the adult. Factsheet: Text, conception, scenario, costumes and interpretation: Anasha Gelli.

Parental guidance: Free to all audiences.

day and time: 22 October, at 8:0 pm


Conceived and starred by Samara Felippo and Carolinie Figueiredo, and directed by Rita Elmôr, “Women who are born with their children” emerged from the actresses' desire to investigate their transformation processes after their children. Comical and dramatic like a mother's life, the play follows the trajectory of women's rebirth after motherhood.

addressing pregnancy, puerperium, creation, acceptance of the post-children's body and the finding of her new identity as a woman, the work seeks to deconstruct and invite women to think about motherhood outside of the labels.

The text also has video testimonials from other women. This immersion resulted in the final writing of the text, and especially, in a healing process for these three women who, through this work, were able to revisit their relationships with motherhood and ancestry. young mothers, mature, single, married, dependent and independent. Mothers who see or who omit.

The piece approaches in a sensitive way, humorous and sarcastic the daily life and the dilemmas of the universe of motherhood.

Factsheet: text and acting: Samara Felippo and Carolinie Figueiredo; Direction, final essay, set design and soundtrack: Rita Elmôr; Costumes: Mel Akerman and Mônica Xavier; Lighting: Paulo Cesar Medeiros; Production Director: Caio Bucker; and Achievement: Bucker Artistic Productions and No Booklet Artistic Productions.

Rating: Não recomendado para menores de 12 years

day and time: 22 October, at 8:30 pm


Madame Frôda the Clown, lives a nationally and internationally unknown musician who will make her first performance in public, with a repertoire of songs that she considers classic songs. Pervading various musical styles with their flutes, entertains and interacts with the audience with its irreverence, your clumsiness, his musical inability with instruments and his desire to play classical music live for the first time, all together and at the same time. By the end of your presentation, many problems will appear., what could turn out to be his last public appearance. Factsheet: Idealization, conception, dramaturgy and acting: Ana Luiza Bellacosta; and Direction: Denis Camargo

Parental guidance: Free to all audiences

day and time: 23 October, at 8:0 pm


A solo show triggered by a question-desire made by a black child, who longs for a doll that looks like her. The scenic responses to the child's wish-question lead to the composition of scenes about ancestry, family, racial discrimination, skin, spirituality, difference. Factsheet: Performance and dramaturgy: Andrea Flores; Performance musical: Leoci Medeiros; Staging and scenic direction: Wlad Lima

Parental guidance: Não recomendado para menores de 12 years

day and time: 23 October, at 8:30 pm


The show is an artistic experience, gastronomic and sensory, where actress Caísa Tibúrcio tells a story of love and death set in the countryside of Minas Gerais, while cooking and serving a chicken. Still with a lot of music played and sung on the accordion, the show narrates a mixture of invented stories and remembered stories based on materials collected in interviews with women in their family and experiences in the countryside of Minas Gerais. Factsheet: Design, dramaturgy and acting: Tiburcio's house; and scenic direction: Denis Camargo

Parental guidance: Não recomendado para menores de 14 years

day and time: 24 October, at 19h


Kanarô is a ritual of sensibilities that flies over the land in a winding scenic route that crosses the imagery, or sound, the sensitive literary and dramaturgical of sensed knowledge and indigenous cosmological dialogues, non-indigenous and kinesthetic in-betweens of life. It is the winged transit of the Amazonian feminine being's metamorphoses and their political pursuits for a good world anywhere, all the time, by any being. Factsheet: Performance: Dani Mirini; Direction and Musical Conception: John Veras; and Shadows and Stage Techniques: Janaina Lima and Bianca Moreira.

Parental guidance: Não recomendado para menores de 16 years

day and time: 24 October, at 8:0 pm


On stage, silences, gestures and absences speak more than words in the show “After Silence”, Exciting, inclusive narrative that brings together theater, dance and pounds, directed by Eliana Carneiro and Rogero Torquato. The show is based on facts from the life of Helen Keller (1880-1968), who loses his sight and hearing at a few years of age and lives in a totally separate world until the arrival of teacher Anne Sullivan. Factsheet: Direction: Eliana Carneiro and Rogero Torquato; Creative interpreters: Camila Guerra, Naira Carneiro and Renata Rezende; and Production Coordination: Akash Rosa

Parental guidance: Free to all audiences

day and time: 29 October, at 8:0 pm


With more than 30 year career, the actress Elisa Lucinda he plunges into a deep poetic dive in “A Paixão Segundo Adélia Prado” and translates the poet from Minas Gerais within a script created to reveal his notion of sin and expose it through the work of his own word. The blessed woman will be on the scene, catholic, but captained by the heatwave of her desire, where does your erotically inspired woman come from.

Considered the greatest living poet of modern Brazilian literature, Adelia Prado, with elegance and sophisticated language, traces a mysterious loom over the simple everyday and gives us back the content of the days enriched by its gaze. And so translates.

The show was born with the dream of actress Elisa Lucinda and director Geovana Pires of staging a script with texts by the greatest Brazilian poet – and live: Adelia Prado. With the full consent and support of Adelia, the project began in Rio de Janeiro and marked the reopening of the traditional scenic space Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim, achieving great public and critical success.

Under the direction of Geovana Pires, an Adelia is revealed who often doesn't show herself at the first glance, but it is essentially present in his poetry of flesh and blood. Because of the sacred veil that seems to cover the mark of his work, his particular and open eroticism cannot be seen, your desire and much less your loving availability, your romance, your look under your own skirt and those of your generation, ruled by the image of the Virgin and the extreme repressed desire.

The show features religious and regional music from Minas Gerais, both for the quotes in the poems and for the musicality of his poetics. The musical direction and arrangements are by Carlos Malta, the wind musician known as "the wind sculptor". On stage the multi-instrumentalist musician André Ramos, with saxophone, transverse flute, piano and fife.

Factsheet: Text: Adelia Prado; Adaptation: Elisa Lucinda and Geovana Pires; Direction: Geovana saucer; List: Elisa Lucinda; Musician: André Ramos; Musical Direction: Carlos Malta; and Achievement: Bucker Artistic Productions and Casa Poema Produções.

Parental guidance: Não recomendado para menores de 12 years

day and time: 29 October, at 9:00 pm


Fun and provocative solo show that combines popular play experiences, theatrical and musicals by the artist Mariana Baeta to the mythical-expressive approach of the director Anasha Gelli. From this hodgepodge of influences, Pandora's Skirt appears, whose pockets hold stories, songs, mandingas, mysteries & scams. Factsheet: text and interpretation: Mariana Baeta; and Direction: Anasha Gelli

Parental guidance: Não recomendado para menores de 12 years

day and time: 30 October, at 8:0 pm


Listed as one of the most important national shows in 2018 the magazine Bravo, Medeia Negra recreates Greek tragedy for the real contours of the voice, of the body and thought of a black woman. The show, directed by Tania Farias, brings interculturality and Afro-diaspora references, through the itãs and archetypes of the deities such as Nanã, iansan, Exu and Omolu. The narrative exposes the oppression suffered by black women in different places of speech and historical times, represented by Márcia Limma. Factsheet: Conception and performance: Marcia Limma; Direction: Tania Farias; and Dramaturgy: marcio marciano, Daniel Arcades, Márcia Limma and Tânia Farias.

Parental guidance: Não recomendado para menores de 12 years

day and time: 30 October, at 8:30 pm

Half aged woman, poet stuck in lonely thoughts, wanders through the city entangled in frustration from unlived experiences. Factsheet: script and performance: Maysa Carvalho; and Direction of Photography and Video Editing: Isis Aisha

Parental guidance: Free to all audiences

day and period: 31 October, a partir the 19h


The story tells the relationship of a granddaughter and a grandmother and the moments of uncertainty facing the impossibility of their meeting. The absence installs fear in the girl's heart, but the memory of the experiences lived together is reborn with the memory of what life and death mean. Thus, imagination opens up the possibility of new ways of meeting between the two, who are still waiting for this long-awaited hug. Factsheet: Text, creation and direction: Soledad Garcia and Thiago Bresani; Actresses/Shadowists: Soledad Garcia and Nina Bresani; Creation and construction of silhouettes and sets: Soledad garcia.

Parental guidance: Free to all audiences

day and period: 31 October, a partir the 19h


inside a memory box, space-time lapses, where stories get mixed up, repeat and renew themselves, always keeping the hope of a new beginning. A box where Love is the only possible element of transformation. Factsheet: Creation and manipulation: Mariana Baeta; Soundtrack: Munha da 7 and Mariana Baeta; box making: Toledo console; and Production and realization: The Cashiers Company. of dolls www.ascaixeiras.com

Parental guidance: Free to all audiences

day and period: 31 October, a partir the 19h


A lady, loaded with sadness and loneliness, physically weakened, is fully delivered, that is, walks to death. Then, in mortal agony a dog arises. From this meeting, under the care of the canine paws, the woman creates strength to move away from death and re-embrace life. Factsheet: Creation and manipulation: Jirlene Pascoal; Soundtrack: Munha da 7, Geraldo Toledo and Jirlene Pascoal; box making: Toledo console; and Production and realization: The Cashiers Company. of dolls

Parental guidance: Free to all audiences

day and period: 31 October, a partir the 19h


A woman immersed in external and internal sounds cannot breathe. By breaking the noise and falling into the silence of oneself, transformation can emerge. Factsheet: Creation and manipulation: Amara Hurtado; Soundtrack: Munha da 7 and Amara Hurtado; box making: Toledo console; and Production and realization: The Cashiers Company. of dolls

Parental guidance: Free to all audiences

day and period: 31 October, a partir the 19h


Marmotta survives in its private and solitary universe. But today is a special day. Is today! Anyway, the day I had so longed for and planned. It is today that a very important person will be surprised by a big party in honor of his existence.. Marmotta then dedicates himself to the preparations for the party so that everything is perfect.. The public is the guest of honor at this grand party. time is short, the dream is big and the rest is 'surprise'. Factsheet: Direction: Lia Motta; Dramaturgy: Lia Motta; and Production: CLA. Clown without canvas.

Parental guidance: Não recomendado para menores de 10 years

day and time: 31 October, às 19h30

Workshop schedule:

Theatrotherapy given by Anasha Gelli and exclusive for women. The intention is to work the theatrical language in a perspective of self-knowledge and personal growth. In this process, the participant takes on the adventure of becoming the hero of her own life journey. The exercises unfold from the body awareness of the appropriation of its creative potential. The workshop encourages creative perception, the theatrical language, the disinhibition, self-esteem and socialization, involved in a space of affection and sharing between women. Anasha is an actress, Director, art therapist, theater therapist and trained in Jungian Psychology.

Turma 1: 5 meetings on tuesdays and wednesdays, days 14, 15, 21, 22 and 28/09, the 7:0 pm to 10:0 pm. Registration until 09/09

Turma 2: 5 meetings on wednesdays and thursdays, days 13, 14, 20, 21 and 27/10, the 7:0 pm to 10:0 pm. Registration until 07/10

Registration by accessing the link: https://forms.gle/qJaWNDFjdK4S4RYz9 and selected will receive confirmation via e-mail informing the link to access the classes.

More info: (61) 98402-3120 / oficinamulheremcena@gmail.com

expressive given by Ana Flávia Garcia and exclusive for women. The workshop is based on the strengthening and empowerment of the person, favoring the deepening of affective relationships, of sensitivity, sharpening the feminine aspect of being through a creative process. The methodology uses integration activities (Group dynamics), socializing games, theatre games, improvisations, various plastic arts techniques, dance, literature and body awareness exercises. Ana Flávia is a scenic artist, player/creator/creature in clowning, performance, direction, staging, dramaturgy and production.

Turma: 5 meetings on tuesdays and thursdays, days 05, 07, 12, 14 and 19/10, from 19h to 21h. Registration until 30/09, accessing the link: forms.gle/5ZMo5ZywdJDR2iK79

More info: (61) 98402-3120 / oficinamulheremcena@gmail.com

women's wheel given by Jirlene Pascoal and exclusive for women. Creative space for women to express themselves through artistic activities, from themes relevant to the female universe. A collective care environment in which participants can look at themselves and others, building a network of support and mutual trust. through the body, of visual and verbal expression, the Wheel encourages the participants to recover their self-esteem, creativity and joy of living. Jirlene Pascoal, creator-interpreter, doll maker and workshop teacher, acts in the field of performing arts since 1987.

Turma 1: 5 meetings on mondays, wednesdays and thursdays, days 20, 22, 27, 29 and 30/09, from 9am to 12pm.

Turma 2: 5 meetings on mondays, wednesdays and thursdays, days 20, 22, 27, 29 and 30/09, from 13h to 16h.

Registration until 14/09, accessing the link: forms.gle/7zZWGtdpo3uRZzA2A

More info: (61) 98402-3120 / oficinamulheremcena@gmail.com

Journey of Masculinities: beyond the hero given by Rafael Gonçalves and Fernando Pessoa. The meetings will have as generative themes: machismo, gender violence, patriarchy, paternity, hegemonic masculinity, gender diversity, childhood and alcohol and drugs. The sequence of five encounters between men (people who identify themselves as men, cis or transgender, regardless of your affections), aims to support the feminist movement in deconstructing the structural machismo that causes suffering to everyone. Rafael Gonçalves and Fernando Pessoa form the Masculinites group – what do you think: Education, Communication and Care among men in an integrated and participatory way, bringing together groups for the development of emotional and affective intelligences, that help men and women in the challenges of the new times.

Turma: 5 meetings on sundays, days: 26/09, 03, 10, 17 and 24/10, from 9:30 to 12:30.

Registration until 20/09, accessing the link: forms.gle/eEjZd98tiCJ1nE9A8

More info: (61) 98402-3120 / oficinamulheremcena@gmail.com

Conversation Rounds Programming, mediated by Najara milk:

Female Protagonism in Social Movements

With Maria José Furtado (SEC. of Women – Bank Workers Union), Elis Regina (SEC. of Women – FETECCN), Samantha Nascimento (SEC. of Combating Racism - CUT/DF), Adriana Fernandes (SEC. of Gender - MST/DF) and Georgina Fagundes (Instituto Arcana)

day and time: 18 October, at 19h

Creative processes and mothering

With Samara Felippo and Carolinie Figueiredo, protagonists of "Women Who are Born with Children", e Anasha Gelli, from the studio Umbigo de Eros

day and time: 19 October, at 19h

Personal narratives for the plurality of the scene

With Andrea Flores, protagonist of “Divine Heads”, and Ana Luiza Bellacosta, da performance “Madame Frôda In(almost)Concert”

day and time: 20 October, at 19h

Poetic paths and ancestry

With Dani Mirini, protagonist of "Kanarô", and Caísa Tiburcio, of the montage “Moonlit: a Sertaneja Epic"

day and time: 21 October, at 19h

Contemplative life and social engagement

With Marcia Baja, teacher of contemplative practices involving the body and nature

day and time: 25 October, to 19 h

Deconstructing prejudices in contemporary society

With Elisa Lucinda, protagonist of “A Paixão Segundo Adélia Prado”, Camila Guerra, Naira Carneiro and Renata Rezende, actresses from “After the Silence”

day and time: 26 October, at 19h

Provocations – Culture in times of pandemic

With Marcia Limma, of "Black Medea", and Mariana Baeta, of Cla. The Cashiers

day and time: 27 October, at 19h

Kaleidoscopic – inspirations for the scene

Com Lia Motta, actress and director of "Surprise", Amara Hurtado, of Cla. The Cashiers, Maysa Carvalho, performer of "Lourença", and Soledad Garcia, of Cla. Lumiato

day and time: 28 October, at 19h

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