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Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: Gabriela Mello / MF Global Press.

Fabiano philosopher Daniel throws book “Live Might Not Be So Bad” in Angola a day 18 April

The writer and philosopher Fabiano de Abreu, He accepted the invitation by the University Gregorio Semedo to launch his book “Live Might Not Be So Bad” in Luanda, capital of Angola on 8 April at 18h local time to 800 people.

The Angolan press will be on site to monitor the event that will motivational imprint, support for students and people in general. Abreu Fabiano also give TV interviews in Zap, RTP, TPA and Zimbo TV, stations in Angola, and an exclusive interview for the greatest channel of the Angolan press, Line of Platina.

The book of Editora Albatross will be available in the library of the University Gregorio Semedo, as it is in the Municipal Library St. Lazarus, the oldest of Lisbon, and the Municipal Library of Castelo de Paiva, Also in Portugal.

Fabiano owns some of the phrases that have become brand as: "I assume the race, I'm not words and promises ", "The hardest thing is not to become famous, but, keep famous ", "For being famous(to) You need to move, generate content ", "Being famous with respect is different from simply being famous, his name and his image is his life and his legacy ", "Being famous is not easy, a mistake can be fatal ", among many other.

Philosopher and poet of birth, from very small ventured to write sentences and poems that were ignored by their teachers believing that it was not of his own even without having them checked. when young, rebel, He came to be asked to leave the school she attended, it not happening because of your IQ test has surpassed the mean and be considered gifted, so staying in school as a guarantee of a government college, what happened in psychology, where not interested in applying to the end, due to disagreements with the concepts of teachers in reaffirming theories that were not appropriate for Fabiano.

In 2016, with most of his sentences and poems lost along the way, by encouraging a journalist friend that was a fan of their sentences posted on Facebook, Fabiano decided to write a book, but without documented sentences, in 15 days dedicated 2 hours of their day and think about life and rewrite their role in thought. His sentences were accepted by the publisher Albatross Brazil that soon made the launch online. Portuguese child and love for the land of their origins, It was in Portugal that Fabiano decided to make the first physical release of the book in the Municipal Library of Castelo de Paiva, the city that embraced him and fell in love with his sentences making available to young students and old to read, not many months later, who invited the writer to launch was the St. Lazarus library, the oldest of Lisbon, in the Portuguese capital, which today is available in the philosophy shelf for those who want to read. Liked by many Angolans, the writer always gets in your country many of the important names in Angola in the business environment and artistic, coming to live not only in Rio de Janeiro but in Lisbon with many who became his friends which resulted in the invitation to the launch of the book in the Auditorium of the University Amphitheater Gregorio Semedo in Luanda on 18 April. In Brazil, the other way, Fabiano decided to launch his book on 30 July, day when full 36 years old.

About the book “Live Might Not Be So Bad”

“The book deals with all kinds of theme and situation, things that flashed in my head, things I saw or lived and carried to the role. In my life I met a lot of people, by 10 years went importer traveling the world and artistic advisor today, both media if you know people all the time. Got rocks on the road all the time, life is a war, I wouldn't call it live and Yes survive, We survived with the weight we have to be better in everything we do and with the weight of financial obligation to conduct a life. Life can be wonderful if we want to be wonderful, everything is the result of choice and attitudes, We can't simply be free doing what goes and what can, We have to know how to play the game of life and handle ourselves means and tricks to have a better life. The fact that survive doesn't mean that we can't live in this survival. We have to learn to live in survival”, says Fabiano de Abreu.

It is important to note that it is not easy to a Brazilian writer launch a book in Portugal, country that has a very complex literature concept. To be considered a philosopher in Portugal it is necessary to have a record that you get after a course or college.

The writer, philosopher, Publicist and journalist explains that the book covers occasions already passed, heard or saw with their own eyes: “The ideas happen when we are sure that happened and it worked. Chances are not tangible like experience to serve as a lesson. The life experience helped me a lot because I was Rico and broke, After I restarted my life, I lived the sentimental experience financial drive and the result of it all. I came to conclusions that I believe who will from heaven to hell can know. I just haven't had the experience of being close to death yet, I hope I wasn't too, but it would be another experience that raises the knowledge the types of subjects who lived can know. The whole load of experience in life that make a difference and keep in memory was significant to that experience and learning to move on”.

The author also as developed the ideas of the work “Live Might Not Be So Bad”. “I like to spend a lot of time alone, is really the best time to think because we don't have to think about pleasing who's on our side or serve this person, what takes the concentration. Noted excerpts that came to mind even driving or in a chat with someone. I note in my Evernote. I think a lot, I think all the time, until almost go crazy for this. I even went to a psychiatrist to think less (laughs), but I chose not to follow the meds because I don't want to think less, my job requires that I have come up with ideas for content and make people get famous. It's so hilarious because it's so boring sometimes and I work with that. Fame is good for making money, because the popularity results that. If the farmer's son knew how good the life you have, I wouldn't be leaving the interior so empty to the madness of big cities. I think in the future to write in the silence of the mountain looking green and the sky”, Finalizes Fabiano de Abreu.


Abreu Fabiano was one of the major technology importers in Brazil the victim in 2008 the crisis, watched his group of companies over and felt like a new life without financial capital having to start over. But it seems that the impact was a solution to find your new path, in 2017 it already embraces 4 of the biggest titles in Brazil, a journalist revelation 2015, with its columns and large national impact of news in the world of celebrities. In 2016 journalist award more characters created for Brazilian press, also in 2016 the award for best press officer for disclosure of national TV and movies and now 2017 as the best assessor of the country press. Owner of MF Global Press that was already MF and MF Advisory Models, It now has offices in the United States, Chile, Portugal and now in Angola, Fabiano country recognized as the aide who disclosed and reflected the Angolan star Adi Cudz in Brazil. Besides making Angolan news in the country as the case of Paul G and a matter of international concern. Today the MF group led by Fabiano de Abreu in addition to advising artists like singers, actors, models, doctors and companies, also became a communications group to assist journalists in Brazil and as a correspondent for Portugal, Latin America and Angola, in addition to producing news affiliate channel. Fabiano writes to some columns in renowned channels like Record of the R7 Business Card, sports Lance, Fofoca.TV and Live News Brazil and Portugal. Broadcaster in uBook, virtual radio and radio Arraial, Porto Seguro in Bahia in a debate program. The MF is also a social media company, artistic and sports marketing and many other segments.