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Philosopher brings ten tips to overcome loneliness and depression

The philosopher and writer Abreu Fabiano brings ten advice to overcome moments of loneliness and depression and have a fuller life

Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: Jayro Chao / MF Global Press.

Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: Jayro Chao / MF Global Press.

Although we are increasingly connected, technological and tuned, we as a society increasingly individualistic, and isolated in our cubicles. The social phenomenon of the internet does not always translate into effective social relationships in the real world, besides bringing frustration the expectations of some, They faced with seemingly perfect lives in networks like Instagram, where it seems that everyone traveling to the holiday of dreams, bearing good shape and live worthy lives of celebrities.

For the philosopher Fabiano de Abreu, all this can lead people to depress, and even think of taking his own life: “suicide is basically linked to depression. And depression has stages of exacerbations. I'm no doctor to give consultation, but as a thinker I feel the urge to give their opinion and prepared to hear opinions on the subject, mainly professionals ".

After reflecting on the theme, Abreu Fabiano brings ten points which may be relevant to avoid depression, loneliness and the feeling of oppression, which usually cause people to have thought of isolating himself from the world, or commit suicide:

1 - Attend public places

Social life is something that people in our county already has the usual practice, to attend the house from each other and places like cafes and bars. It is isolated and remain alone is not a smart choice when we are facing a problem. public environments increase the chances of meeting people, to create relationships, and share experiences. But you have to be open to it. Be negative only attracts negative things and positive people away, that could add to our lives.

2 - Shut up social networks for a moment

Despite the social network to attract thousands of people to each other, and provide you to be surrounded by virtual friends, You can bring loneliness and depression. The idea of ​​having friends in the social network is a false idea of ​​reality. Social media increase the sense of loneliness because reverse reality. Instagram all seem to have perfect lives, beauty, fame and money, and it can bring frustration in real life.

3 - Be positive

Dribbling negative thoughts, be positive. Try to see the good side of things even that did not succeed according to their planning. The positive way of looking at life and people away from the feeling of loneliness and depression, and instead of people away, attracts.

4 - Make future plans

Plans and actions occupy the mind to not think of loneliness. But do not make it the only option, or when notice, the time is past. Remember that everything in life has to be in moderation.

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5 - Pets

This may be one of the best ways to combat loneliness. Pet animals, especially those who interact, are great companies, to combat loneliness and distract us.

6 - Do not confuse a momentary feeling with reality

Loneliness is momentary. Do not make it a permanent reality for not sinking into solitude for a longer time.

7 - Do not be alone

The desire to isolate themselves, as a consequence of depression is common, but can be dangerous. At times, It is best to get a family member or a friend with whom there is dialogue and confidence to open up.

8 - Be listener

Show yourself participatory. Listen more and talk less and conquer all in a conversation circle. Beware of egocentrism, it puts people.

9 - Praise, do not criticize

Do not belittle or judge people. for opinarmos, we must seek the knowledge on the subject or fall into disrepute and suffer rejection. Everyone likes praise, but if you have to criticize, know how to do it smoothly and rationally. No one likes to receive criticism.

10 - Look for a psychologist

If loneliness is the result in depression, search for professional help. A psychologist can help in this situation and guide you how to beat depression.

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