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Photography Vagner Carvalho.

Photographer gives tips for making good pictures on trips abroad

Will travel this holiday period and early years abroad? The Vagner Carvalho photographer offers tips to enjoy the best of each place and firsthand trends Paris

What you need to take a good photo? Some need a great camera, others want a perfect place, while others require a good model. In the case of Vagner Carvalho photographer, however, it is more than the surrounding environment, but his vision and how you can take advantage of it.

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Vagner Carvalho reports that sensed something different in pictures taken in international travel: "Something in Paris and London made all the difference in my international trials. Unlike other countries, what I liked most was shooting in France and England, because I realized that there on cloudy days, colors always ressaltavam and left my pictures even more beautiful. "

Soon, if you are thinking of traveling to enjoy the school holidays before the carnival or have any scheduled trip abroad in this period, follow the tips Vagner Carvalho photographer to make the most of the environment to make good travel photos:

1- Lighting

Many people believe that when you have a lot of sun, It is the perfect day for your photos, deceives those who still have this thought. Logically to have a clear day make all the difference, however the sun's rays very inhibit the current color. When you make your selfies avoid shooting between the hours of 11h 15h. Give preference for times where the sun's rays are not as strong.

2- Best Time for photos

Always photograph between 8:00h and 10:30h in the morning or between 16:30h and 18:30h. Make the most of natural lighting. As in European countries, for example, the sunlight is different from Brazil, The effect provided by ambient light is different.

3- Looks

Use relaxed and looks that match the environment. Canelas the shows are always welcome too. Of course if you're going to shoot in winter, It may be harder.

4- objective

Choose environments that do not have many colors when the focus is you. Many colors draw the viewer's attention, causing a lot of visual information. Look for environments with fewer colors and less visual information so you can stand out.

5- ideal colors

Search in environments shades of colors that suit your look. Look associate what you're wearing to the environment in which you will shoot, Color matching. The trend now for photographs in Paris are colors with shades that are more likely to pastel, filters that tend to more aged tones and glamorous.

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