Frida Kahlo Unveiled: A Sensory Journey Through the Colors of Persistence at the Francis Bacon Art Space

Frida Kahlo Traveling Exhibition - a woman ahead of her time. Photo: Wellington Barz.

20 artists explore the essence of Frida in a fascinating chromatic odyssey that presents different artistic creations By Emanuelle Spack In a vibrant dive into the universe of art, the Francis Bacon Art Space opens exhibitions of 2024 transporting visitors to an extraordinary encounter at the Frida Kahlo Traveling Exhibition – a woman at … Read more

Beyond Appearance: The Photographic Essay as a Window to the Soul

Beyond Appearance: The Photographic Essay as a Window to the Soul. Photo:

Photography is an art form that transcends the mere capture of images; it has the power to reveal not just the visual surface, but also the underlying essence of its objects. When it comes to photo shoots, this ability is amplified, transforming each image into a window to the soul. In this article, we will explore … Read more

The Art of Capturing the World in One Click: A Journey through Photography

The Art of Capturing the World in One Click: A Journey through Photography. Photo:

Photography is a unique form of art that transcends time, capturing fleeting moments and preserving memories in powerful ways. From the invention of the first camera to contemporary technological advances, a fotografia evoluiu de uma simples representação visual para uma expressão artística complexa. In this article, We will explore a fascinating day of photography, mergulhando naRead more

Fernanda Sanchez creates a brand of paintings that uses wood from reforestation

Fernanda Sanchez creates a brand of paintings that uses wood from reforestation. Photo: Disclosure.

Brazilian photographer, businesswoman and specialist in newborn photography, explains that the pieces are unique and handmade The development of an enterprise is a journey full of challenges and obstacles, and when it comes to women entrepreneurs, these difficulties often intensify. Despite advances in gender equality, there are still cultural barriers, … Read more

“Copacabana Vênus” exhibition by Raphaël Blum at the Calouste Gulbenkian Arts Center (RJ)

Raphael Blum, Daniella, River - 2016.

The portraits made on Copacabana beach, in Rio de Janeiro, between 2015 and 2018, honor the various forms of female beauty. Whether they are cariocas, paulistas, people from Buenos Aires and Parisians, want to show off their bodies covered in butterflies, dragons or other animal figures, young women meet in Copacabana, in the prestigious site of Guanabara Bay, one … Read more

19º Paraty in Focus – International Photography Festival takes place from 13 to 17 September in the historic city of Paraty, in Rio de Janeiro

The Boy and the Circus, 1No. 1 Single Photos category, PEF 2016. Photography: © Silvestre Machado.

Entries open for photo contest, in categories: Single Photos, Essays and Selfies In this issue, international festival in Costa Verde Fluminense honors Walter Firmo, who already confirmed his presence being interviewed by Sergio Burgi, Photography Coordinator at Instituto Moreira Salles. With the theme, “From the return of film to Artificial Intelligence”, the 19th Paraty in Focus … Read more

Andréa Brêtas uses the camera lens to bring up the subject of Female Genital Mutilation

"Crying" Exhibition, photography. Photo: Andréa Bretas.

Andréa Brêtas uses the camera lens to bring up the theme of Female Genital Mutilation in an exhibition of black and white photos, of african women, em quatro salas dos Correios Niterói RJ A mostra tem por objetivo provocar o observador e conscientizar sobre o fim à violência contra a mulher, com intervenções noRead more

Mario Cohen Gallery hosts unprecedented exhibition by photographer Mario Cravo Neto

disappearing stone, the 1990, will also be on display for the first time at the show.. Photo: Disclosure | Mario Cravo Neto.

Exclusive exhibition with 22 works will open in 19 November and marks the inauguration of the Gallery in a new space in Jardim Europa Galeria Mario Cohen performs, from 19 November to 18 February 2023, a Exposição Tudo Era Novo Sob o Sol da Bahia, by visual artist Mario Cravo Neto. The 22 … Read more

Day 8 October at CCBB: unprecedented exhibition addresses the view of Italian photographers on Brazil from the 19th century

Luiz Musso. Entrance and monumental facade in neoclassical style of the National Museum, in the Quinta da Boa Vista. Pedro II Avenue, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, ca. 1903. Collection of Instituto Moreira Salles.

ITALIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS in the flowering of Brazilian photography Exhibition opens at Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Rio de Janeiro on 8 October 2022 In honor of the bicentennial of the Independence of Brazil, o Instituto Italiano de Cultura do Rio de Janeiro realiza a exposição inédita “Fotógrafos Italianos – in the flowering of Brazilian photography”, at the Cultural Center … Read more

Photographic exhibition “Paisagear: the art of photographing”, by Rosângela Vig

Photographic exhibition: "Paisagear: The art of photography", banner - featured. Disclosure.

The dream is to see the invisible shapes From the imprecise distance and, with sensitive Movements of hope and will,Seek the cold horizon lineThe tree, the beach, the flower, the bird, a fonte –Os beijos merecidos da verdade.(PESSOA, 2006, p. 68) While the gaze is lost in the chaos of the metropolises drowned in monochrome, o ser humano seRead more