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Francisco Villachan, Atelier. Photo: Disclosure.
Francisco Villachan, Atelier. Photo: Disclosure.

Francisco Villa Chan shows his trajectory in art with the exhibition Percursos

The Exhibition is being organized by the Beth Araruna Arts Office and will be launched in 10 of May virtually and in person

Routes – The nature, sensations and freedom is the name given to the new exhibition by the modernist artist Francisco Villa Chan. Curated by Beth Araruna Arts Office, the show is a real dive into the history of Villa Chan with the brushes. Your more than 100 frames, including what has the same name as the view, can be seen from 10 of may virtually, through the site www.bethararuna.com.br, or in person, in the artist's studio, located in the Várzea neighborhood, in Recife.

Its exhibition is named after the poem O Cão com Plumas, of João Cabral de Melo Neto, and on the Capibaribe River, who runs behind his house and studio. The artist compares the path of life with the path of the river, that begins, middle and empties into the sea, where is your end.

Pernambuco in love with the hinterland, Francisco Villachan, who was a student at the School of Fine Arts in Recife, begins his journey in art following in the footsteps of his great-uncle, the landscaper Telles Junior, taking to the canvas landscapes that remained alive in his memory of travels through Pernambuco. Upon entering your studio, that will be possible on tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, the 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, the visitor will be amazed, initially, with paintings that refer to the Pernambuco hinterland, like images of Bonito and Serra Negra; and to the coast, like Itamaracá and Praia de Conceição.

Your journey goes beyond landscaping, when Villa Chan enters, in the early 60, not modernism, bringing art lovers abstract canvases, your passion to the present day. The technique was improved with studies abroad. The artist took to his paintings drawings that bring a lyrical abstraction, always with a poetic look, using vibrant colors that complement each other. Everything can be seen at the exhibition..

According to arts curator Beth Araruna, Francisco Villa Chan's paintings have a particularly reflective look, giving us back in color, gestures and textures the delicacy of your feelings. “Villa Chan proposes a reflection on the different theories of art, whether physical or philosophical, motivating the viewer to meditate on the path and role of man in life and in art at this very controversial moment”.

RIO CAPIBARIBE CONNECTED TO ART AND SOCIAL – Routes It's much more than an exhibition. One of its objectives is to alert the population and the public power to the care and appreciation of the Capibaribe River.. Its waters flow for more than 10 neighborhoods of the capital of Pernambuco, but its beauty is covered by pollution, with different materials being constantly thrown into the river. A social action with schools will be developed by Beth Araruna, seeking to raise awareness among children and adolescents from Recife..

In addition, the virtual exhibition will show that Capibaribe is the birthplace of artists and museums in the city. in the virtual room, a map of Recife will be marked with the course of the river. Lamps with images created by Villa Chan will be showing the location of major art centers and artists' ateliers located in the city.. “A true itinerary of culture and art that needs to be valued”, says curator Beth Araruna.

FRANCISCO VILLA CHAN – Born in Recife in 04 th December 1937. The artist began his apprenticeship through a Drawing and Painting Course with Rachel Telles (daughter of Telles Junior) in 1954. Between 1956 and 1994, took several courses in Brazil, like the School of Fine Arts at UFPE, and abroad, the Painting Restoration Course – Institute for Art and Restoration, Italy.

References to his works are found in the books Tratos de Artes de Pernambuco., by Jose Claudio (1984), Northeast art, by Editora Spala (1987) and Pernambuco Art Catalog, from Group X (1987). In Pernambuco, his works can be seen in the collections of the Galeria Metropolitana Aloísio Magalhães, Joaquim Nabuco Foundation, Pernambuco Academy of Letters, Forte do Brum Military Museum, Recife City Museum, and at the Murilo LaGreca Museum, In addition to private collections in Brazil, United States and Europe.


Exhibition Routes The nature, sensations and freedom, by Francisco Villachan

Opening: 10 de Mayo, 16h

Exhibition Period: 10 of May to 31 de Mayo (presential), visiting hours can be scheduled from 1 of June. Permanent no site.

Local: Villa-Chan Space (San Francisco de Paula street, 371, cashew – Recife / PE) and on the Beth Araruna Arts Office website (www.bethararuna.com.br)

face-to-face time: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, the 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

*Important that visitors wear masks on site

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