Musician Marcelo Bonfa (Legion) launches exhibition of NFTs in the metaverse


Legião Urbana drummer performs hisfirst exhibition withmeters 12 high resolution digital screens that can be seen in the metaverse and are available in NFTs on the Kickoff Music platform


For those who follow the career of Marcelo Bonfa closely, it is not news that in addition to being a drummer and composer, is also a talented visual artist. there are times, Bonfá is dedicated to the visual arts and the platform Kickoff Music – specialized in blockchain – presents works with 10 copies for each collection of NFTs.

The fans who follow urban Legion know that some of the covers and inserts of the band's albums were illustrated and created by Bonfá as, for example, ‘Music for Camps’ (1992) and 'Another station' (1997).

About digital arts, he reveals that he has been working with the theme since the end of the 90, when he met the computer 'Amiga', from Commodore brand. “It was a platform that was ahead of Apple and Microsoft. The Commodore already offered 16 millions of colors in the palette; e o PC, didn't even work with four yet. And I started to make some digitization drawings there”, says the artist. Since then, Bonfá follows this revolution and, despite displaying some of his work on his website and Instagram, now was the moment chosen to gather an unprecedented series around its first exhibition.



Bonfá took care of its own curatorship and selected 12 illustrations and an autographed poster where each item is loaded with its respective certificate of authenticity on the blockchain. The technique used to make these images is hybrid. Sometimes it has its origins on paper and then the artist photographs and starts a process that goes through his favorite digital programs., like Procreate inside iPad Pro. “Until I reach a result that pleases me, there are many passes through my gadgets”, highlights.

When purchasing an NFT, the buyer will also take the original file of the work in high resolution and/or the screen already printed, framed in material chosen and signed by the artist himself. Marcelo chose to present them in the physical world with methacrylate printing (40 x 70 cm), a form of finishing where an image is embedded between two acrylic plates and that simulates the light of the gadgets where the images were created. This process does not require a frame., carrying only one profile on the back, so ready to hang on the wall.


Metaverse is the terminology used to indicate a type of virtual world that tries to replicate reality through digital devices.. It is a shared collective and virtual space, constituted by the sum of “virtual reality”, “augmented reality” e “Internet”.

See Marcelo Bonfá's exhibition in the metaverse:

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The new owners of Bonfá's arts will be VIP guests to one of his shows in the artist's passages through cities or regions close to his residences. Good opportunity to meet the artist and receive a dedication in person.

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The KickOff Music emerged from the vision of the creators of the Trends Brasil Conference, important event that brings together the Brazilian music market, who saw in blockchain technology, em particular nos NFTS, a potential to give creators back the leading role in controlling and defining the value of their work. To realize this vision, the company developed, then, a platform where the consumer or creator does not need to know about cryptocurrencies or blockchain to trade this new musical product. In addition, the platform works with all conventional payment methods, beyond cryptocurrencies, and your network has close to zero carbon emissions.


Marcelo Bonfa Collection

The works in NFTs by Marcelo Bonfá are available at

Values: From R$250 to R$1,900


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