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Frida Kahlo: Online course brings life and work of the artist

Visual artist and art historian Aline Pascholati has just launched her third online course dedicated to learning the History of Art, this time, about the amazing Frida Kahlo, early 20th century Mexican artist who became an icon of contemporary pop culture.

Frida was a woman ahead of her time., that did not obey the social conventions of the time. His works – more than half are self-portraits – bring their pains and sufferings, through a highly symbolic language, with the use of symbols from different cultures and their personal mythology – that is, those that have a particular meaning to the artist.

Professor Aline Pascholati, Graduated from Université Paris 1 – Panthéon-Sorbonne, proposes the democratization of art through the YouTube channel that bears his name ( www.youtube.com/channel/UC435IaPaS_Ccbiu3_Z6rGNw ), from your website Artrianon, and its virtual and face-to-face courses. She defends the approach to Art History in an uncomplicated way, through the use of language accessible to non-experts, and, all interested, knowledgeable or who don't know anything about the subject, can also be carried away by your greatest passion: art.

She is currently Frida Kahlo: Life & The work consists of recorded video lessons – that can be watched by students as many times as they want, whenever and wherever they are through the course platform -, in addition to PDFs with texts and a large number of images that help students discover who this great woman was and understand her creations, deeply influenced by his biography.

To learn more about the courses – and sign up -, access the links below:

Frida Kahlo Online Course: Life & ArtWork: biografiadaarte.com.br/cursofridakahlo

Complete Course of Art History, covering from Prehistory to the present day: biografiadaarte.com.br/cursocompletodehistoriadaarte

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