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Christiane Tricerri. Photo: Disclosure.

"Frida Kahlo - Viva La Vida" da Mostra side or funny Mexican painter

Monologue is presented between days 20 and 22, in Theater Alfredo Mesquita, and brings the actress Christiane Tricerri

painted in 1954, the exhibit "Viva La Vida" is a work of still life of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. The screen depicts various pieces of watermelons, with vibrant colors, especially red and green. No wonder, therefore, that the title of the piece also Mexican playwright Humberto Hobles is "Frida Kahlo - Viva La Vida", it shows a less known side of the painter: cheerful and vibrant. The show is presented between days 20 and 22 of december, in Theater Alfredo Mesquita.

Directed by Caca Rosset, the piece brings Christiane Tricerri the role of Frida. To die eve, the painter celebrates the Day of the Dead with a banquet at which he stars opposite imaginary guests, characters alive or not. alone on stage, Christiane also does the voices of all the characters and also interacts with the audience, that is "undead".

For the actress, what interested him most was that the text Hobles shows a different Frida image she knew. "Suddenly, I come across a full Frida love for life ", account Tricerri. "A caustic wit, eager to live, joy to have friends and be around people. "

To build your character, Christiane worked the physical limitations of Frida - the artist had an accident to 18 years, underwent several surgeries and had to use a wheelchair. "I worked body of the division", explains. "Frida had limitations and waist pains down, the waist but could be a dancer, practically, moving up and shining. "

In a time when Frida Kahlo is easily found in products like T-shirts, pillows and mugs, the actress believes that the show goes beyond bringing the image of the painter. "It represented a woman ahead of her time, a libertarian, an artist ", concludes.

| Theater Alfredo Mesquita. Av. Santos Dumont, 1.770, Santana. North Zone. | tel. 2221-3657. Days 20 and 21, 21h. Day 22, 19h. $ 30. 12 years

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