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Gabriela Stančík, The Young Visual Artist from Slovakia

Work of art by Gabriela Stančik

Gabriela Stančík is a Visual Artist.

Gabriela Stančík, The Young Visual Artist from Slovakia

I devote to drawing and painting since my childhood. By my work i use different artistic materials and techniques. I was born on 8 th December 1987, Slovakia.

“I often draw various portraits and figures, I let myself inspire by movies, and from these I choose for me interesting faces, characters and scenes, I try to catch emotions, feels and thoughts in them, to express on what they maybe were thinking. When i find an object like this, I don't only try to draw what i see on the photo, I try to put in something from myself. I think what material, technique and type of paper should I use to express my idea. At the end the artwork looks different than the used reference.” – Gabriela Stančík

At present time I live and work in (middle Slovakia).


  • 1994 – 2003 Elementary School (Hnúšťa, Slovakia)
  • 2003 – 2007 Gymnasium of Matej Hrebenda in Hnúšťa
  • 2007 – 2012 Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia – Faculty of Natural Sciences – Biology
  • 1993 – 2006 I attended Art school in Hnúšťa – Department of visual arts, focusing on drawing and painting (successfully completed 1. and 2. grade)


  • 2003, 2006 – Graduate exhibitions in Hnúšťa
  • 2011, 2013, 2014 – Exhibitions in different towns in Slovakia
  • 2014 – Exhibition in Gallery Ganevia (Rimavská Sobota, Slovakia)
  • 2014 – Exhibition in Gallery Mini Art (Bratislava, capital city of Slovakia)
  • 2014 – Next Exhibition at Galeria Merlino Bottega d’Arte (Florence, Italy), from October 1st

Artwork of Gabriela Stan?IK

Testimony of PhDr. Alena Pivovarčiová (Art Theoretician)

Dear Guests,

Let me welcome you on Gabriela Stančík's exhibition, she had through her drawings, watercolors and pastels gived to us a piece from her art – her own art poetry. For everyone of us is accessible the pleasure and deep aesthetic experience from her art. In order to accomplish to understand and to perceive the aesthetic values of art, for that is needed cultivation of our thinking and aesthetic feeling. And that requires meeting with art, learning to perceive it, deepening our sensitivity, and with these also to explore it. Because art deepens, beautifies and enriches our spiritual life. Therefore every meeting with art is a small feast in our hasty life.

This meetings to us are prepared by those, who are developing and cultivating their sense through practical and teoretical preparation, and they become the masters of aesthetic rendering – the artists. The term already marks the one, who masters something perfectly, he can do something. Mgr. Mgr. Gabriela Stančík devotes to drawing and painting since childhood, she acquired her skills under the leadership of Mgr. Miroslav Bračo in the Art school in Hnúšťa, which she had successfully completed in the year 2006. Although she succesfully graduated the university study on Faculty of natural sciences on the Comenius University in Bratislava, in department of biology, in the year 2012, she didn't stop to devote to fine arts. Quite the contrary. It proves the series of solo exhibitions, which she implemented in memory institutions in Hnúšťa, Rimavská Sobota and in the Ganevia Gallery in Rimavská Sobota.

Artwork of Gabriela Stan?IKThe artist in their works experiments with different art materials and techniques. In her collection of artworks dominates the portrait genre, but there are also figural compositions and animal themes, in which predominate almost veristic portrayals of wild beasts, but also other species of exotic fauna. With a sensitive eye of painter she perceives and captures not only the graceful forms and lines of their bodies, but also their harmonious color contrasts. She successfully thrive to capture light effects and elegance of bodies of the race horses, which she portrays from different perspectives.

Thematic orientation on varied biological life forms naturally resulted from her sciential background, which she enriched with the study of natural scientific disciplines. Conceptual tendencies, which appear in some her drawings cancel the first-line interpretation of so called “strict and accurate presentation” and they indicate to author's artistic movement towards to expression of new contents and messages, what naturally requires also adequate form synthesis of material and expressional mediums, and compositional principles. To this is confessing also the author itself, when she says: “… I'm thinking which material, technique and type of paper should i use to express my idea…” In this way the contemporary painting art like a reflecting art isn't only an event for the senses, but also for the spirit and thinking. Contemporary painters are discovering, that they have to display something, what is: undisplayable. They begin to transform the assumed visual givenness in such a way which gives visibility, that field of view is in fact a barrier to be able to see the invisible, unseen and this requires, that the picture should not originate only in the eye, but also in the spirit… And so the author through her most progressive artworks tries rather the world to analyze, instead of an accurately portraying. For this she tries especially in her portrait studies.

Artwork of Gabriela Stan?IKShe lets herself inspire by movies, and from these she chooses interesting faces, characters and scenes. But she is not trying for a fixed scrupulous realistic reproduction of the seen, but for catching emotions, feels and thoughts of the portrayed model, using often an expressive accent. or the expression of her own picture of reality – transformed according to her inner vision, she uses a wide range of fine art mediums and their combinations. Blot, stain, dot, line, color, light and shadow, structure of surfaces and contrast of fair and dark, this all belongs to arsenal of her expressive and reflecting resources. Using these elementary artistic components, she gives to her ideas, by means of corresponding material form and chosen technique, an individual form and expression. It arises the author's artistic statement objectified in a work of art.

I tried to take a closer look at the art – works of young talented artist Mgr. Gabriela Stančík, though it may well perceive, that even the most eloquent and most erudite art theoretician can not with his interpretation replace the depth and spread of impression in an artwork. I hope however, that i at least only a bit opened the door to understanding the creative efforts of her original and individual statement.

Thank you for your attention and i wish you a many pleasant aesthetic experiences.

PhDr. Alena Pivovarčiová (Art Theoretician)

Artworks of the Artist:

Artist Interview granted to the Internet Portal Echoviny.sk of Slovakia:

Gabriela Stančík: “I want to make a living from my art and to have often exhibitions in other countries”

Gabriela Stančík comes from and lives currently in Hnúšťa (Slovakia, middle Europe).

Gabriela, your works look like you had studied art at an university, but you studied something else, right?

G: If you think so, Thank you. And yes, I studied at Comenius University in Bratislava, on faculty of natural sciences, department of biology, I have the master's degree.

Artwork of Gabriela Stan?IKWhen was the first time you catched a pencil in your hand?

G: That i don't quite remember, but I hold a pencil in my hand, since i could keep it in the childish hand, I think it was from my early childhood. My parents told me, that they gave me only pencils and papers, and then it was quiet at home.

Where else could people already see your drawings?

G: I had by now some exhibitions, but it was mostly in towns around my home. Several times in my hometown Hnúšťa, these were graduate exhibitions, then in different towns in libraries, also in a gallery, and this year i had a small exhibition in gallery in our capital city of Slovakia.

Did you think about to do from your hobby a professional carrier?

G: Yes, I did, and often… But what does it even mean to do drawing and painting professionally? It could surely help me to have a degree from an art university, but for studying there I would need much money, which i don't have… The payment in Slovakia, for studying one year at art university is 1000 euro, in foreign countries it's far more i think. And i also would need accommodation, food and art supplies… It would take around 3000 – 4000 eur for a year… And the another problem is, that it is really hard to get on that kind of school, the entrance exams are really hard… I would have to take some preparatory courses before the exams, which are also paid.

Of course I had the idea to get these money through selling my current works, and drawing on demand/request, so I try it. But for this, my works should be sold for much higher prices and more often, and people in Slovakia aren't very helpful to spend much money in art, I quite understand it, because our country is not in a good financial situation.

Artwork of Gabriela Stan?IKWhat could help you?

G: It would be maybe good to have some sponsor, as it sometimes is in other countries, where richer people are helping young talented people, or students to pay the university, or to more reach out and get more visibility. I wrote also to various foundations in Slovakia, but I only got the answer, that they don't provide financial help for the study.

I know, and others often tell me too, that i can draw and paint without an art university, it is true, but i haven't any contacts, connections, I dont know “how it goes in the art world”, nobody knows me, I have not yet created “a name”, these things are for an artist very important.

Without an art university here in Slovakia, I'm not allowed to exhibit my works in most of the galleries. They tell me, that the galleries are only for absolvents, or students of art universities. But what about the people without these schools? They cannot become professionals? Their artworks can be as good as the absolvents of these schools.

My dream is to make a living from my art, and to have often exhibitions in different countries.

You draw also portraits, can people request you for their own portrait?

G: Yes, of course, it still applies, that i draw/paint on request/demand, and I do commissioned works. Plus I sell my own artworks too, which I publish on my art page on facebook: GS Art Drawings & Paintings, and on my portfolios: gs-art.daportfolio.com and gsart.portfoliobox.me.

You can write me via these contacts, or also on my personal: e-mail: gs.art87@gmail.com

People ask me to draw various things, but recently they usually want me to draw portraits of members of their family, mainly their children and grandchildren. These portraits I draw often with graphite pencils. Then I'm asked also often to draw animals, pets and so. But I draw/paint also other subjects according to the wishes.

Artwork of Gabriela Stan?IKWhat do you most like to draw?

G: Nowadays I most like drawing and painting various portraits and figures, I let myself inspire by movies, and from these I choose for me interesting faces, characters and scenes, I try to catch emotions, feels and thoughts in them, to express on what they maybe were thinking in that time… When i find an object like this, i don't only try to draw what i see on the photo, I try to put in something from myself. I think what material, technique and type of paper should I use to express my idea. At the end the artwork looks different than the used reference.

Which techniques do you most like to use?

G: Mostly i like to use graphite pencils, different types of color pencils, then oil pastels, soft pastels, markers, color ballpoint pens, temperas and watercolors. Nowadays I like to draw fast sketches of different objects and figures, drawn often with black centropen, marker or pencil. At the end I sometimes blur the centropen with water or watercolors. In the future i certainly want to learn to paint also with other materials and techniques, like oils and to paint more often on canvas, and to do more surrealistic art.

What would you tell to the readers of the internet portal Echoviny.sk?

G: I would like to thank everyone, who has read the full article to the end, to them, who has been on some of my exhibitions, and everybody else is invited to my next exhibition, which I don't know, where it will be, but if you'll follow me via the contacts and facebook art page, you will be informed. If you would like something to know, or something will be interesting for you, don't hesitate to ask. Next i wish to all readers all good in the year 2014 and in the following year too.

Thank you for publishing this interview.

Source: Internet Portal Echoviny.sk (2014)

Artwork of Gabriela Stan?IK

The Visual Artist Gabriela Stančík sell her artworks, accepts requests and orders, as she is also available to receive proposals for Exhibitions.
The Artist also accepts financial support, following data:
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