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Fotografia "Crianças na praia" by Marcia de Freitas Araujo.
Photography "children on the beach" by Marcia de Freitas Araujo.

CAWE Gallery welcomes Artist Marcia de Freitas de Araujo with the Exhibition Delicadezas da Vida

CAWE Gallery performs virtual exhibitions of Independent Artists from Brazil and abroad. Since 2010 has been showing in-person or virtual techniques, forms and formats of Brazilian art, in addition to International Artists, where visitors can enjoy free of charge and meet the Artists and Culture of each.

The Exhibition DELIGHTS OF LIFE of the Artist Marcia de Freitas Araujo under the CAW Curatorship, goes to 16 January.

Marcia de Freitas is a mother, Marine Biologist and Artist. Developed an immeasurable passion for photography for 25 years, when did you get your first camera. He doesn't care about the perfection of the photographic technique, but, the perfection of who or what is in front of your lens. His style is marked by Impressionism, Surrealism and Dadaism.

These images were recorded in different periods of her work as an Artist Photographer. This is a selection of photographs that offer moments of contemplation and abstraction from real life.. Somehow, each of these images takes the viewer to a gentle, meditative place within themselves..

“Photography has different ways and ways to compose an image, edit or even capture, leaving the work with a unique vision of the Artist, What can we see in the Artist's Works, who masterfully uses a mix of techniques and ways that the Exhibition shows, highlights the curatorship.”

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Day: 02 – 16 January

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