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Galeria Modernistas in Rio de Janeiro opens registration for the Living Model Workshop

Beginners and artists can join the weekly classes starting on Saturday, 17 September

A Modernists Gallery, in Santa Teresa, will start the next day 17 September, Saturday, to Living Model Office, in person, guided by the filmmaker, plastic artist and professor at UFRJ Alexandre Palma. “A Workshop is practical and oriented towards the development of the personal language of each participant. The weekly meetings will also address artistic techniques, the presence of the living model in the history of art and some concepts of contemporary figuration in the art market”, comments Palma.

According to visual artist Thelma Innecco, coordinator of the Modernist Gallery, the idea is to reinforce artistic practice in the Santa Teresa neighborhood. “Here is the place of creation in Rio de Janeiro. And artists like Flavio-Shiró, Djanira, Emeric Marcier and Magliani made a new figuration observing the daily life of the neighborhood. The live model is a strong reference and we want to present this contemporary process from time to time in our gallery”, reinforces Innecco.

Meetings are designed for students., artists and the public interested in the possibilities of figurative art. The Workshop will offer free coal, paper, drawing boards and the supplementary material will be of free choice. A minimum of six registrants will be required for each meeting and participants' places will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis..


Living Model Workshop at the Modernistas Gallery

*Every Saturday, from 16 to 18 h, from 17 September 2022

Address: Rua Paschoal Carlos Magno, 39, Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro – RJ

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Inscriptions: 21-992390142 (R$ 70 reais for each weekly meeting)

Parental guidance: 18 years Information: Alexandre Palma directed short films about Patapio Silva and Casquinha da Portela. At the opening of the exhibition, the artist will present the performance (instagram)

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