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Gilberto Salvador. Photo: Calvin Freitas.

Gilberto Salvador promotes meeting to talk about art with teachers from Campinas

Artist meets public and private teaching professionals
on 16 September in MAC

With the aim of stimulating the creative process, visiting museums, and other initiatives to promote the art and your importance to the cultural education of children and young people, artist Gilberto Salvador promotes a meeting with teachers from public and private networks on the day 16 September (Saturday) from 10:00 to 12:00 at the Museum of contemporary art in Campinas.

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"Culture is the differential for the human being. The idea of this meeting with education professionals is to speak of the importance of the stimulus to culture in the lives of students of all ages ", says the artist, that inaugurated the exhibition "Water + Strong "on MAC Campinas in August (even day 15 October).

In addition to the artist, the Director of MAC Campinas Bittencourt and art consultant Ana Roso also participate in chat, indicating some formats that can be worked with students.

Admission is free, and those interested should contact the Foundation Gilberto Salvador to confirm attendance on the phone 11 3063-3707.

On the Water Exhibition + Strong

Artist Gilberto Salvador, known for daring to express your, in public works, your posture and policy reflections in environmental issues, opened day 10 of August the exhibition "Water + Strong ", at the Museum of contemporary art in Campinas.

The Contemporary Art Salon of Campinas had great importance in the history of the arts in the 60 and 70, along with the national salon in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo biennial, was a milestone in the production of plastic arts in our country, qualifying references more expressive of this period.

Constant presence in this collection, the Museum invited artist to perform the solo exhibition "Water + Strong ", which carries the subtitle "Life".

The curator, made by artist, selected a core of large metal engravings on the theme of water; a set of Monotypes engravings benchmarks; a set of watercolors and an installation called "Swimming Poll". The exhibition will cover the entire exhibition area of the MACC.

"I understand that the essential element of life on our planet Earth is the water. And it was with the intent to honor her, I've been in the past 10 years, developing a series of works that affect this issue, whether in sculptures that use the seeds and the vital significance in your living with water, or in engravings, watercolors and paintings with various settings ", said Gilberto Salvador.

This is not the first time that Gilberto Salvador has his works exposed in Campinas. In 2014, the artist opened the sculpture ‘ Royal ’ Victory, in the quarry of Chapadão, that is in place until today.

The idea of holding this exhibition at the Museum of contemporary art in Campinas, the following is a proposal for reflection by the State of São Paulo, proposal by the artist.

The Montana Chemistry is a partner of artist for more than 10 years and is the official sponsor of the exhibition "Water + Strong ". The company provides products for painting and finishing of the works of Gilberto. Offers its laboratories for the development of technological solutions that meet increasingly aesthetic aspects and of resistance that the works of Gilberto Salvador need, stimulating creativity and audacity of his works.

Exhibition "Water + Fort of Gilberto Salvador
Date: Even day 15 October
Tuesday to Saturday – das 10h às 18h (Quinta das 10 at 10:00 pm)
Sundays and holidays – from 9:00 to 12:00 / Monday closed
Local: Museu de Arte Contemporânea from Campinas
Address: Av. Benjamin Constant, 1633 – Center, Campinas – SP
Information: (19) 2116.0346 and (19) 3236.4716
Support: Marcos Amaro Foundation

***The museu de Arte Contemporânea from Campinas, arranged for this show, the entire exhibition space to embrace the whole range of works, in the proposal and will produce a statement/debate with the artist during the exhibition.



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