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Editorial Group Coherence, soon. Disclosure.
Editorial Group Coherence, soon. Disclosure.

Coherence Editorial Group search for new authors

The publisher has more than 400 published titles, such as, several best sellers

Fimmersed in times of economic crisis, the Editorial Group Coherence apareceu no primeiro semestre de 2016. Since then, despite the obstacles of the market, the editorial conglomerate has been talking about. With more than 400 published titles and hundreds of authors, the publisher reveals its differential: the dissemination of national authors, who have such a hard time making themselves noticed.

Through social networks, a CEO e fundadora da Coherence, Lilian Vaccaro, announced the opening for new writers. Authors do not need to have experience., since the editorial process is coordinated by dozens of professionals in the book market. And this is the purpose of the publisher: demystify the publication of originals created by as yet unknown authors.

With strict disclosure planning, the editor-in-chief promises impeccable publications and seeks new names for the Brazilian publishing market. For interested authors, on the publisher's website there is a tab with all the specifications for sending originals.

Currently, a editora paulista está organizando a 2ª FLISP (SP Literary Party), that will occur in the days 07 and 08 August in partnership with others 9 Publishers. The event will take place at the Osaka Naniwa-Kai Association, in the Vila Mariana region and starts at 10 am, with cafeteria on site, many releases, lectures, authors and editors.

send your original to: lilian@editoracoerencia.com.br

About the Publisher: Criada não apenas para viabilizar a publicação de autores (yet) unrenowned, Coherence has a whole team of reviewers, diagramadores, illustrators, writers and advisors, that prepare the work so that it reaches the homes of thousands of readers throughout Brazil with quality.

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