Tips for using dividers to optimize your home's space

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ne of the best ways to enjoy your home smartly is by inserting dividers to optimize space, ways to close and open corners of the house without using walls, that usually occupy a large part of the visual.

Although this has always been a popular and widely used technique, in recent years the optimization through partitions has grown more and more all over the world.


We can say that one of the main causes, or else situations related to this are the construction of buildings that are increasing, as the case of apartments with industrial paint, usually with a practical thought of living together..

Below, let's understand a little more about this, mainly given the reasons that lead many people to use the spaces, the advantages of having these changes and some ways you can put them into practice in your home.

The importance of in-house optimization

Investing in a property, whether paying rent or buying it in cash, is one of the main achievements anyone can have., since that place becomes the balance point for that person, turning into a real shelter.

When we talk about this, it is quite common to evoke typical feelings of people who feel in House, like the tranquility of having everything that is yours in its proper place.

But something that is totally linked to this idea of ​​a house is the way we use the spaces and have many of our objects, always trying to make the most of our organization and arrangement of things, what provides more productivity.

Therefore, one of the main reasons for residents to have this feeling more is through the optimization of spaces, a use of places.

When we talk about optimization we are not exactly scoring a decrease in the things we have, or an organization so that they all fit in one place, but rather the use of ideas that provide comfort in spaces in the house.

For example, in a kitchen near the living room, which usually ends up giving off an air of food and spices, it's interesting to have a floor ceiling partition between spaces.

This is a form of optimization, where we have the possibility to momentarily close a space at the expense of the unique attention of another, which in this example is the room, bringing less food smells and a focus on a single environment.

The same thing we can see in small places, where complete walls or partitions would be much heavier visually speaking, but also in relation to the use of space.

On top of that we can imagine a relatively small apartment, where a wardrobe that is also a TV rack makes a division between a living room and a bedroom, without the use of walls or partitions with materials, which would bring less use of space.

Knowing these optimization notions can bring more freshness to your home, in addition to solving typical space and locomotion problems in shotcrete.

In addition, it's a way to make use of varied goals, proposing a misuse, practical and quick inside ideas you may never have thought of, always going down the low cost path with it.

The advantages of using room dividers

Partitions are the basis for optimizing indoor spaces, doing, as the name implies, a division between environments, focusing on maximum use and transit between these places, something needed especially for smaller properties.

Usually within the use of dividers, it is interesting to make use of goals that are not always seen as utilitarian in an environment division, such as:

  • cloths;
  • Fabrics;
  • Furniture;
  • Panels;
  • Tables.

Among the main advantages that we can raise with the use of partitions inside environments are the much greater possibilities of locomotion, since it leaves a division that was considerably larger, and something softer comes in compared to this.

For example, when we think of a cloth divider, that interconnect one environment to another, in addition to a more practical locomotion through space, without having to settle for the limit of doors and walls, greater ventilation is also added throughout the place..

Another point considered important is the cost of this idea, something significantly smaller than a common environment partition, with materials intended for this.

For example, when we think of a wardrobe with stainless steel cabinet and we placed a divider of white fabrics to serve as curtains and close the space from view, we are adding both a lightness to the environment and cost-effectiveness.

This because, compared to traditional ways to close spaces, as the case of planned wardrobe doors, where heavy materials are usually used, the amount invested in organizing this space would be much more expensive.

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Finally, One thing that should always be kept in mind when optimizing spaces is how an environment can be made even wider by choosing smart partitions.

as we already know, many of today's homes are delivered by builders with shrinking living space, which adds an idea of ​​optimizing and using spaces wisely, something much more needed to be done.

Soon, the more ideas we have on making the space open up, even with limitations of walls and measurements, the more the residents will feel satisfied.

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This is an example of the use of materials such as laminated glass, that when used within smaller environments, and for adding transparency, can bring a feeling that that space is in fact much larger than you imagine, even more with mirrors.

Thus, we understand that the greater the way to adapt spaces with the use of substitutes for traditional walls, the better will be the positive feeling in place.

This not only brings more savings and satisfaction for those who live there., but it also adds a much greater possibility of adaptation and maintenance for these residents..

Tips for putting this optimization strategy into practice

Next, we'll understand a little more about the ways of optimization that can be used when we talk about partitions. Are some simple format tips, that can help implement significant changes in your environment.:

1. Curtain partition

as we talked above, the room dividers with curtains bring greater lightness to these spaces, so much because of the structure of the curtain itself, which brings greater lightness, how much for the drastic reduction of space, that would be made by a wall.

The most interesting thing is to combine the curtains with other forms of partitions., such as aluminum sliding door, bringing a mix of textures to be added indoors.

2. Bookshelves

The books we collect are part of our history, and nothing better than putting them in evidence inside room partitions, such as well-designed bookcases.

Ideally, these books are part of a unique decoration, actually calling the attention of those who look, but still showing a greater ease for changing environments, like between a living room and a bedroom.

3. Glass partitions

Glazed partitions are great for when you want to add subtlety and at the same time elegance, as this type of material is widely used to bring a modern look to spaces, along with stainless steel screen.

To implement this idea, it is interesting to put small decorations, like glasses, pictures or even plants between this dividing middle term.

4. mirrored partition

A room with mirrors is the right way to bring much more space into your home, being able to increase the environments on both sides of the division, besides bringing an interesting way to close places that need to be camouflaged.

A good tip is to invest in roll-up door with this kind of material, thus bringing an easy and practical way to drive the entire mirror and close it properly.

Final Considerations

As we've seen throughout this article, partitions are one of the best known ways to optimize environments, adding an ease to increase and give more comfort to small spaces, or even lower costs on your investment.

Even so, we can say that the basis of optimization also has to do with living within space, bringing a way for these residents to be increasingly suitable within these environments, driving your division ideas better.

And the coolest thing is that these people will be able to put personal items and even the materials they like the most as the main focus of these divisions., like fabrics and books.

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