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Decorating ideas for small balconies. Casa foto created by pch.vector - br.freepik.com.
Decorating ideas for small balconies. Casa foto created by pch.vector - br.freepik.com.

Decorating ideas for small balconies

Mmany times, the balconies of a house are not used in the best possible way, can, yet, go from a small dissatisfaction of lack of decoration to a big headache, just for lack of a decoration for small balconies.

Understand below some ideas you may have to solve this problem, as well as essential tips for those who want a balcony worthy of soap opera houses.

Use in small spaces

Almost always when we find an interesting place to live, within our budget and with the main specifications that we think are essential in a home, we face problems that pass through our analysis, but still bother us.

This is the case for places within a home that are not always, organized or created the way we like. On the contrary, are spaces or corners of the house that we know we will have to renovate to make it our way.

What few know is that some of these problems can be solved with a little creativity, attention and research on tips and possibilities. This is the case for small spaces, that integrate some unused sites.

An example is the spaces inside the rooms. Many people suffer when trying to concentrate everything inside the room, like bed, custom stainless steel countertop, chair, wardrobe and many other goals that we like to keep close.

In these situations, almost always too much or too much space, result of lack of space utilization due to the location and arrangement of some items, a problem that can almost always be solved with some decoration tips.

Another recurring problem is dissatisfaction with areas of the house that are often not well used by the residents themselves, being a gathering place for debris and other disorganizations.

A good example of this are the balconies, small spaces in the house intended for contact with the outdoors of many people who live in apartment condos, and that almost always are not pleasantly organized in the owners' conception.

Balconies: a recurring problem

The balconies were built to provide greater contact with the outside, mainly for those who live in apartments. This space brings the possibility of having more contact outdoors, To the wind, rain and mainly, to the moon and the sun.

However, it almost always becomes difficult to like the situation of the balcony first when moving into a house, since much of the decoration of the place still does not transform the space into a comfortable and beautiful place.

This causes many people to abandon the organization of this place, choosing to prioritize other corners of the house, and then think about the changes that can be made on the balcony.

It turns out that the balcony, for being a place that brings the possibility of greater freshness, relaxation and beauty for the home, can be put to good use in building the decoration of the place, but it is not always incorporated into the priorities of residents.

You can bet on a simple residential landscaping to that location or even carry out a big storage with radical structural changes, but there are also simpler and faster possibilities, that still changed the appearance of space.

So, in addition to the traditional items found in these locations, like backyard chairs, large flower pots or stainless steel barbecue, it is also possible to use creativity and understanding for what is most interesting within an open space.

Understand below a little more about how you can modify your balcony and turn it into an interesting place to receive visitors and enjoy time with the family. With little money and a lot of attention, your balcony will be your favorite room!

Balcony decoration

Discover some decor options for a balcony, mainly for you to modify this space and make the place closer to what your home communicates.

With sure tips, you can get this modification right. Check:

Bet on a different floor

As it is a place in the house that is closest to the street, of winds and climates, it's interesting to make that space match your home, but bring the air from a place outside that apartment, for example, using a different floor.

Usually, apartments remove that proximity that a house has to nature, of plants, sun and other components that bring greater vividness, precisely because they are at the top.

A good idea is to make that place be understood as a different area of ​​the house, and changing floors quickly helps with that, because it shows whoever enters the room that the air and the feeling of welcome is different than in the living room of the house, for example.

A good option is to invest in application of bona in tacos, since the wood brings an air of nature, of relaxation and tranquility. Another idea is to combine this new decoration with plants, stones and items that refer to greater peace and quiet.

Integrate the balcony with the living room

In most apartments the balcony of the house is almost always located after the living room, location where we usually access. Many times, the residents end up thinking that the room doesn't have a good size, soon the integration of the balcony becomes a solution.

To do this you need to, first, check in the building structure if breaking walls is possible. After that phase, call a quality professional and ask him to remove the wall that separates the balcony from the room, usually with a tempered laminated glass.

With the completion of this change you will see that the space, now added, you can totally modify your home. It’s not necessary to forget that that space is also a balcony, since it will remain connected to a window.

However, if you prefer to stick with the idea of ​​a big room, instead of still considering the existence of the balcony, a good option is to close the entire part of the window with glass, that allow gradual opening, but that serve to involve the environment.

This is a great tip for those who want to improve the porch and living space, in addition to allowing more light to enter the house.

Continuation of the kitchen

Many people have the idea of ​​continuing the kitchen in the balcony area, either with the opening of it, as seen in the previous example, as with the possibility of placing the two spaces side by side inside the house.

If you cook a lot of barbecue or fish and feel that the kitchen becomes drowned by the smell and smoke, a good idea is to use the balcony as a supplement to release smoke, through the installation of a custom stainless steel range hood in that place.

It is also interesting, if it's an idea that you like, complement the place with a barbecue, cooker, sink and other elements that suggest that that balcony can be transformed into a support kitchen.

Transform into a children's space

Using the complete closure with glass or safety materials in the window or iron space that surrounds the glass balconies, it is feasible to transform the space into a place for children's play, or even studies.

A good tip is to invest in planned furniture, that provide space to store books or toys, leaving them organized and easy to reach. In addition, you can implement the fun of the place with ato building painting child friendly.

Space for home office

When closing the balcony, and have less contact with noises coming from the street, it is possible to use the place to work during the home office, a modality that is gaining a lot of space among different companies.

It is always a smart idea to occupy unused places in the house with your main needs. A place to work, decorated in your own way and with all the tools so that you are not disturbed are ideas in this sense.

Some items may be part of this idea, being:

  • Computers;
  • Books;
  • Chairs;
  • Table;
  • Fridge;
  • Among others.

Relaxation place

Why not turn your balcony into a place for you to relax? Put ottomans, less intense lights, place for relaxation with incense, items that bring greater tranquility, as pictures with symbols of peace and objects of religion.

Think that this place can easily become an escape from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, serving so that you can reflect, rest and even dedicate yourself to exercise, like meditation and yoga.


Use these tips and others you may have to make better use of this and all spaces in your home.

Remember that your home is a refuge in difficult times, so using everything for your well-being is a good idea of ​​quality of life!

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