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Luiz Cláudio Varejão. Photo: Vitor Farias.
Luiz Cláudio Varejão. Photo: Vitor Farias.

Harmonized dinner at Mironga will pay homage to the Bastille Fall with dishes from Mironga and French wines

The taking of the Bastille took place in 14 th July 1789. This fact, history, starts the French Revolution, cycle that marked the end of the privileges of the aristocracy and the end of the Ancien Regime (the french consider this, the most important holiday in the country).

Inspired by this idea, Mironga Kitchen, at Barra da Tijuca heat the burners of your stove and choose French house wine labels to have a dinner harmonized with favorite dishes from your menu, thus honoring, the important event and also the influence of French culture on carioca life.

The wine pairing for dinner will be done by Sommeliére Gabriela Teixeira at the mouth-watering tasting menu!

Gabriela Teixeira is a graduate of the Brazilian Sommelier Association of Rio de Janeiro and the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET). He worked for over ten years in important restaurants in the South Zone of Rio. Today, represents the Kogan Family importers, Winelovers and Europe and train teams.

Harmonized dinner menu on the day 22 July, Thursday a partir the 19h:

Tickets – Fish Ceviche and Cod Delight

Principal – Chopped meat

Dessert – Romeo and Juliet.

Investment: R$ 149 + 10% service charge


Tel: (21) 2528-7727 or WhatsApp (21) 97585-0382.


Mironga is the reinterpretation of the former Delight Restaurant, created by the Varejao family, in 1992, who established in the house, the concept of healthy cooking. the owner's mother, the nutritionist Elsa Varejão, taught the children, from small, that the pleasure of eating needs to be associated with well-being and art. In 2014, Luiz Cláudio Varejão continued this philosophy when he innovated, switching from self service to à la carte menu. like the delight, Mironga prioritizes local producers and uses regional and seasonal ingredients.

The Delight/Mironga building in the Center was built at the opening of the former Avenida Central, in 1904. Listed by the Historic Heritage, it is in the heart of the new region that has re-emerged, at the time, with Porto Maravilha and also had the work of his sister, Adriana Varejao, a panacea phantastice, a set of tiles that have pictured 50 types of hallucinogenic plants from different parts of the world, the same one that is at the Contemporary Art Center in Inhotim.

With the pandemic Luiz Varejão thought fast and took home and his team, and also Panacea Phantastica, to another corner. Mironga remains a street restaurant, but inside a mall in Barra da Tijuca: or Downtown.

Av. of the Americas, 500 in Block 21 (back street facing Cittá America).

Hours of operation:
From Monday to Friday: from 12:00 to 4:00 pm;
Saturdays: from 12:00 to 6:00 pm;
Sundays: from 12 at seven.

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays: 18h to 10:0 pm;

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