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Gabriel Silva e seu livro "Chuva de Diamantes". Disclosure.
Gabriel Silva e seu livro "Rain of Diamonds". Disclosure.

Blumenau journalist succeeds with debut book

Gabriel Silva launched Rain of Diamonds with Grupo Editorial Coerência and has attracted the attention of readers

The journalist Gabriel Silva decidiu adentrar no mercado editorial no ano passado com a publicação do seu primeiro livro. What was a dream, turned into a book and, to the writer's delight, success. Lançado na FLISP 2020, in São Paulo, the title won the hearts of readers in the opening week.

“The story came after a dream I had around 2013. I decided to put the story on paper and I was surprised by the result. I left the original saved until last year, when I had the opportunity to publish with Grupo Editorial Coerência ”, says the writer. The plot revolves around Fernanda, who wants to know the answers to your questions after having the same dream over and over. The character is visited by extraterrestrials who are on Earth to study human beings and, with them, the search for truth begins.

"Rain of Diamonds", from the author who is Itajaense, but has lived in Blumenau for two years, foi indicado para três categorias no Echoes of Literature Award. The book competes as Best National Book, Best Dystopia and Best Fantasy. Through social networks, Gabriel Silva ainda afirmou que concorre como Autor Revelação na mesma premiação e pede o apoio dos seguidores para a votação popular. In December, foi indicado também para o Coherence Choice Awards 2020.

"I was shocked by the events of the book", admitted Mayara Faillace, do Instagram @booksdamaay, about the feelings caused by the journalist's writings. The influencer managed to summarize what hundreds of readers have been feeling in the last few months, who can't wait for Gabriel's new stories.

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Synopsis: Fernanda é uma jovem fascinada por histórias de extraterrestres. When the residents of the city where he lives spread rumors about the appearance of a flying saucer, your excitement is contagious; nor the fact that the local police deny what happened is capable of discouraging it. However, the young woman sees her routine change completely when Vitor, an E.T. really, appears at your house. At the same time you have to work hard to keep your secret hidden, has to help his new friend in a study on Earth. Everything gets worse the moment Fernanda has constant nightmares about a car accident that seems very real, besides the constant feeling that something around you is very wrong. To complete, Vitor concludes that our planet is about to start an overheating process that could exterminate the human race. It is then that Fernanda finds herself leaving for another planet, where she will finally understand that not everything is as it seems.

Biography: Gabriel Silva é jornalista e locutor profissional. Passionate about literature, already lost count of how many books he read. As a child he wrote short stories and musicals that he never published, having stood out with the municipal essay writing prize in his city still in elementary school. At twenty, joined the Journalism course at the University of Vale do Itajaí and won a university award for one of his reports for the Jornal Laboratório do Curso. With the support of family and friends, Gabriel Silva publishes his first novel, Diamond shower, and works on publishing other stories, performance that considers his passion.

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