Serial killer terrorizes Rio de Janeiro in suspense written by Renata Maggessi

Book "The Song of the Cicada" de Renata Maggessi, cover - featured. Photo: Disclosure.

“O Canto da Cigarra” involves controversial and real issues through a story told from different perspectives Finalist of the Choice Awards Coherence 2020, or suspense “The song of the cicada” written by Renata Maggessi from Rio de Janeiro and published by Grupo Editorial Coerência, brings controversial and important themes that involve the reader in a plot narrated from different perspectives. Common … Read more

National authors to learn more about in 2021

Photo: mentatdgt no Pexels.

Do romance a fantasia, meet different artists of Brazilian literature Brazil is a country composed of great artists, mainly in the literature, a little consumed art, but that is gradually conquering the hearts of Brazilians. In several national territories it is possible to find authors with incredible works, and aiming your contact with these artists, … Read more

Fantasy books to read at 2021

Livros "John Aron e o enigma dos sonhos", "O reino da Rosa negra" e "Numbers – As Runas do Poder", covers - featured. Disclosure.

Discover stories with incredible lessons to be read later this year Fantastic stories are excellent reading options for those who like to get out of the current reality and live new experiences in another universe. Very famous among Brazilian readers, fantasy books end up standing out on the shelves and aiming at that interest, we gather … Read more

Gleiber Clodomiro launches “John Aron and the enigma of dreams”, your debut book

Gleiber Clodomiro e seu livro "John Aron e o enigma dos sonhos". Disclosure.

The artist from Minas Gerais uses Congonhas (MG) as one of the great scenarios of history Passionate about fantasy since childhood, Gleiber Clodomiro found a sea of ​​possibilities after attending a literary fair in person 2010. Enchanted by the universe of writing, the artist raised the possibility of creating his own universe through a book, but was … Read more

Thriller books to read at 2021

Livros "Matadouro de Pecados", "Uma Mulher no Escuro" e "Beijo de Borboleta", covers. Disclosure.

Discover different thriller stories to be read later this year. Thrillers are well-known on movie screens, but those who believe that books are outside this genre are mistaken. In bookstores some titles stand out for their excellence in narrating a psychological thriller story, policeman, suspense and among several other aspects, … Read more

Sacia Xavier will launch “South Paradise”, book with brazilian vampires

Satiate Xavier. Photo: Disclosure.

The author's second work will be launched in March by Grupo Editorial Coerência After the success of “Tempestade”, dystopia book released in November 2020, author Sacia Xavier is preparing for the launch of “Paraíso do Sul ”, sua segunda obra que faz parte do catálogo do Grupo Editorial Coerência. In an interview, a artista revelou que na trama levantaRead more

Alexandra Lazari launches “Three Peoples” by Grupo Editorial Coerência

Alexandra Lazari e seu livro "Três Povos". Disclosure.

The author's first solo debut book is a dystopia with reflections on prejudices and indoctrinations Alexandra Lazari is known in the literary world for her participation in anthologies and through a short story on Wattpad, although, agora ela marca sua carreira no mercado editorial com o lançamento de “Três Povos”, his solo book released in November … Read more

The song of Wailing: book presents new proposal for national fantasy

Book & quot; The Song of Wailing" by Bruno Lima, featured. Disclosure.

Inspired by Brazilian folklore, Bruno Lima proposes to narrate a mild terror with reflections on real subjects Bruno Lima debuted in the literary medium with “The song of Wailing”, o livro foi lançado em novembro do ano passado durante a Festa Literária de São Paulo 2020 by Grupo Editorial Coerência. Inspired by Brazilian folklore, he proposes to narrate … Read more

National author publishes book by Grupo Editorial Coerência

Power Heart Book" by Rodolfo Berlezi. Disclosure.

Rodolfo Berlezi's debut book is a fantasy that aims to present questions about the end of adolescence and the beginning of adulthood The book “Power Heart”, published by Grupo Editorial Coerência, estreou a carreira de autor de Rodolfo Berlezi. A obra foi lançada em novembro do ano passado durante a Festa Literária de SãoRead more

Dark Gero's book involves an inexperienced young man, an enigmatic stripper and a lot of blood

Book & quot; Harlequin" the Dark Gero. Photo: John Fellix.

The work won the Coherence Choice Awards 2020 in the Best Horror/Thriller category Dark Gero is a teacher, screenwriter and author, well known for his work in Os Roni, Multishow sitcom starring Whindersson Nunes, Tirulipa and Gkay. However, now, ele se destaca com o lançamento de “Arlequim”, seu livro de estreia lançado em novembro pelo Grupo Editorial Coerência. The work narrates a … Read more