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Livros "John Aron e o enigma dos sonhos", "O reino da Rosa negra" e "Numbers – As Runas do Poder", covers - featured. Disclosure.
Books "John Aron and the enigma of dreams", "The kingdom of the Black Rose" and "Numbers – As Runas do Poder", covers - featured. Disclosure.

Fantasy books to read at 2021

Discover stories with incredible lessons to be read later this year

Fantastic stories are excellent reading options for those who like to get out of the current reality and live new experiences in another universe. Very famous among Brazilian readers, fantasy books end up standing out on the shelves and aiming at that interest, we have put together some titles that fit the genre to be read in 2021.

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John Aron and the enigma of dreams

Written by Gleiber Clodomiro, the book was released by the Plus + seal of the Editorial Group Coherence and tells the story of John Aron, a young man discovering the secrets that revolve around his origin during an unexpected and revealing dream. The plot takes power after he witnesses an accident and knows a new reality, where fantastic creatures and warriors are ruled by emperors who need to maintain a balance between the two worlds. However, the protagonist is in danger after Eroz, emperor of the fifth element, realize that you need to eliminate it in order not to end your plans. The work was nominated for the Coherence Choice Awards 2020 as Best Fantasy.


The classic of science fiction and fantasy written by Frank Herbert stands out again at the moment due to the film adaptation that is under development. The story is set in another galaxy, in which the feudal regime still exists and society is dominated by the noble Corrino, Haronnen and the Atreides. We follow the plot around Paul Atreides, a young heir, being sent to take care of Arrakis, also known as “the Danube”, the narrative travels on an epic journey that raises political questions, social, philosophical and religious.

The kingdom of the Black Rose

This is the debut work of the young Isabela Zinn, the story is inspired by the song Servant of Evil and revolves around Prince and Princess Lysander and Rosaline, twin brothers confined within Livingstone castle by their own mother, the Queen. The boy identifies himself only as Rosaline's servant and does not recognize his rights within the kingdom. Thus, she is destined to reign the place, but after terrible events surface, the prince begins to mature and conquer what is rightfully his, consequently entering into a dispute motivated by power.

The Cruel Prince – The People of the Air

In the first volume of the new series of Holly Black, we accompany Jude dealing with the fact that she was forced to live in the Faerie Kingdom after her parents were murdered. Relating to a new reality, she desires and dreams of being beautiful and immortal like everyone in that population, but the Faerie people despise humans, mainly Prince Cardan. Finding an opportunity to win a place in the High Court, she must challenge the prince and face the consequences. More and more dedicating themselves on this journey, the protagonist discovers her ability to spill blood, but suffers from the betrayals of the palace and a civil war.

Numbers – The Runes of Power

Released by Pronto Books, seal of the Editorial Coherence Group, Carolina Reginatto's debut book tells the story of thousands of people being wiped out in an act of sacrifice to save the lives of nine young people. Trained all their lives by their mentors, they believe that the time has come to fight the Red Queen, but they will need unity to overcome the enemy and figure out the destiny of the Earth; the only option these powerful ones have is to win.

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