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Luana Fernandes releases new video on the day 24 of June

New song by the singer and composer from Rio Grande do Sul was recorded with London musicians during her brief stay in Paraná

The singer Luana Fernandes launch the next day 24 of June, to 00:00 on your YouTube channel, the video for the song “Anchor”, composition of his authorship that has the participation of the musician Cecilian Boy, in the musical direction of the track and also on guitars. The video is directed by Carlos Fortes.

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The song was recorded in March of this year at the studio Audio Thirteen, during a season the singer spent in Londrina/PR. All musicians participating in the recording are from London.

The music was captured and recorded "live", in the studio, with the whole band participating in the recording. On occasion, Carlos Fortes captured the audiovisual material.

Currently, Luana Fernandes is in show season in Rio de Janeiro and in the city of Paraty, where does it stay until the day 10 July, invited by the Selina Hotel. All presentations strictly observe the health protocols recommended by that State.


Music “Anchor”
Composition: Luana Fernandes

Musical direction: Cecilian Boy
Production / Recording / Mastering: Audio Treze by Galician Teixeira
Video direction: Carlos Fortes


Luana Fernandes – Voice
Cecilian Boy – guitar and vocals
Mariana franco – Low

João Bolognini – Battery

Photos: Carlos Fortes




Launch of the “Anchor” video, by Luana Fernandes
Day 24/06, to 00:00, no canal do YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/luanavsf
Link to video: youtu.be/37JO861KUvY


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