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MAR Music celebrates 7 years of the Rio Art Museum with unprecedented show of singer Siba

The Pernambuco presents for the first time in Rio de Janeiro album “owl Changes”

Friday, 13 March – 18h
Free entrance | Rating: free

The Art Museum of the river-SEA, under the management of the Institute Odeon, celebrates its 7th anniversary on March 1, along with the city of Rio. To celebrate, the institution prepared a special program, which will be held throughout the month. On Friday, 13, a partir the 18h, the museum stilts receive singer Siba, that performs unprecedented show in the 2nd edition of Music event in SEA 2020.

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The Pernambuco present for the first time in the album Rio lands “owl Changes”, full of references to popular culture in the North Woods of his home state and Brazilian popular music of northeastern descent. The compositions are also inspired by the oral poetry traditions of the region, the music of the African diaspora and its reflux in modern music of the continent, especially not Congo. To open the free night, DJ TataOgan animates the audience with one set focused on the mixture of ancient languages, contemporary and futuristic.

The Music SEA also has typical food and drinks stalls the port area, a partnership with SEA Neighbors.

Art Museum of Rio - SEA
Praca Maua 5, Center.
More information by phone (+55 21) 3031-2741 or the site www.museudeartedorio.org.br
Free entrance (subject to capacity)

Important information about the event MAR Music:

  • To access the site, It is necessary to go through metal detectors and magazine.
  • Admission offers single entry, that is, It is not allowed to return to the event after exit.
  • It is prohibited to input with glass or metal container.
  • The sale of alcohol to minors 18 years.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the museum indoors. The event will take space reserved for smokers.

The Art Museum of the river-SEA

An initiative of Prefeitura do Rio in partnership with Fundação Roberto Marinho, the sea has activities that involve collecting, registration, search, preservation and return of cultural property to the community. Proactive support space education and culture, the museum was born with a school - the School Look -, whose proposal is innovative museological: foster the development of an educational program of reference for actions in Brazil and abroad, combining art and education from the curatorial program that guides the institution.

The sea is managed by the Odeon, a social organization of culture. The museum has the Globe Group as maintainer, the Equinor as sponsor and master Itaú and IRB Brazil RE as sponsors through the Federal Law on Cultural Incentives.

The School of the look has the support of Icatu Seguros and Machado Meyer Lawyers via Federal Law on Cultural Incentives. The SEA also has the support of the State Government of Rio de Janeiro and realization of the Ministry of Citizenship and the Federal Government of Brazil, by Federal Law for Promotion of Culture.

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