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Rio Marathon 2020, soon. Disclosure.

Marathon of Rio promotes lives with expert tips

Among the topics covered are feeding the quarantine period and the risk of injury in physical activities

Rio de Janeiro- 07 April, 2020 – Increasingly successful in the social networks of Rio Marathon (@maratonadoriooficial), the team of experts and ambassadors of the event has been taking turns to participate in a series of lives with tips for professional and amateur athletes. The themes of this week promise to draw the attention of those who are preparing for the next edition of the event - which takes place on 11 and 12 October - and for those who are concerned about keeping fit during the quarantine period.

This Tuesday (7), at 19h, a fisioterapeuta Nanci Roff, along with the ambassador of proof 10k, Camila Costa, will make a live debate in which the risks of injury in physical activities. The specialist will highlight stretches, quality of shoes and answer questions in real time followers. Already Ambassador will remember hard times he faced during the past marathons and tell how is preparing, home, for the Rio Marathon 2020.

Already on Thursday (9), nutritionist Roberta Lima and Vanessa Protasio psychologist will address the theme "Feeding the quarantine period: Will x Choices ". The proposal is to invite live followers to think about what they are eating at a time when most are exercising less. To make the conversation even more dynamic, followers can post your questions and suggest guidelines to be worked daily by experts and ambassadors of proof.

The team of experts from the Rio Marathon is formed by André Leta and Ademir Paulino (physical educators), Sergio Mauricio (orthopedist), Roberta Lima (nutritionist), Vanessa Protasio (psychologist), Fabiula Schwartz (cardiologist) by Nanci Roff (physiotherapist). Already the ambassadors are: journalist Fernanda Gentil, Paralympic athlete Vinicius Bellator and influencers Camila Costa, pig Beluco, Ygor Fonseca and Rafa Arlotta.

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