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Marina Olivera Sangers – The Young Artist

Marina Olivera Sangers

Marina Olivera Sangers is a Young Visual Artist.

Marina Olivera Sangers – The Young Artist

Marina was born in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) in 15 august 1998 and is now living in the Netherlands. With only 15 years old, she is a young artist hoping to start selling her works.

She loves to experiment with different materials and everything she sees, inspires her to make art. That’s why pen and paper are a must-have in her backpack. Her two biggest loves in life: Philosophy and Art.

“The main goal of my works is to make people think and realize that with their own imagination they can change their view of the world. You don’t always have to see what other people see. Make it yours and enjoy it!” – Marina.

Artwork of Marina Olivera Sangers“My Thoughts”

This painting was made after a visit to the School of Arts in Utrecht. It made a lot of impact on Marina to see all those different artists with their unique styles.

“Everybody just did their own thing and the whole school was full of art. Not a single spot was left clean. Because of that, it really gave me the feeling like I was standing in my own room”

Artwork of Marina Olivera Sangers.
“Sea of Madness”

This painting is made with three layers. First it has a green base, then there’s some more acrylic paint in different shapes and for the last layer Marina threw some ink on the canvas.

It’s called “Sea of Madness” because of the little monsters she drew on the paint stains. This painting is really one of those that you just have to get a closer look at.


Artwork of Marina Olivera Sangers.
“Don't Think, Just Do!”

Sometimes people think too much about doing something that they end up doing nothing.

This happens to Marina all the time because she is very philosophical. She dedicated this painting to her art teacher who is ALWAYS saying: “Don’t think, just do Marina!”

“It seriously enters one ear and goes out of the other, that’s how many times he has said this to me. I almost never listen to him but I have to admit, whether I want it or not, that he is always right…”

Artwork of Marina Olivera Sangers

“To The Point”

Ordering your mind is very important in life, otherwise you can’t live in peace.

With this painting Marina did just that and it’s what gives this painting a completed feeling.

She likes this piece a lot because she stepped away from her normal expressive style.


Artwork of Marina Olivera Sangers“The Creative Machine”

The story behind this work is basically Marina’s art teacher again when he said she had this creative machine inside her head that he wanted to steal.

That day Marina made this so called “creative machine” and the result was pretty surprising.

Sometimes she just starts something without really knowing how it will end up and there’s really a lot to see in this one.

Artwork of Marina Olivera Sangers“The Lonely Gondolier”

Besides painting, Marina also loves to draw. This drawing from Venice was just a little exercise that turned out a bit more than that. It’s one of the smallest and most detailed drawings Marina has made so far and there’s a funny story behind it.

“Yes, this is really one of those things that you say you’ll never do again in your life and then you end up doing it again that same week…

I started with the building on the left and added the gondolier. It was very small and working with a nib pen made it even more difficult. Then I accidentally dropped some ink on the paper and immediately took a brush to spread it out. The gondolier was still visible but had a dark stain around it. I just had to make something out of that mistake so I called it “The Lonely Gondolier”. You see the difference? You’ve got to make something out of everything and that’s what I keep reminding myself every single day.”

Artwork of Marina Olivera Sangers“The Sea Monster”

Here’s another ink and watercolour drawing but this time it’s all made up by Marina.

Starting with some ink and a nib pen, and later adding watercolour to make it stand out.

Again she let a large drop of ink fall on the paper and fixed it the Marina way.

Artwork of Marina Olivera Sangers“My View”

This drawing is made with a fineliner 0.2 and the idea was to test it on a piece of paper, but like every artist Marina couldn’t stop drawing until she got the feeling it was “done”.

That’s how you can recognize a real artist.


Artwork of Marina Olivera Sangers“The Walking Eye”

Here’s what Marina had to say about this drawing which is made with a pen and watercolour:

“So I saw a hole in a tree and like every normal person, I concluded that there should be an eye in it… But of course this eye walks around during the day and it was my task to draw it.”

With this unusual drawing we’re coming to the end of this article. These are just some of Marina’s works and if you want to contact this young artist, follow her data:

Facebook Profile | DevianArt Profile | Artabus Profile
E-mail: marinasart@outlook.com


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