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Marble: how to use it in decoration?. Photo: Max Vakhtbovych no Pexels.
Marble: how to use it in decoration?. Photo: Max Vakhtbovych no Pexels.

Marble: how to use it in decoration?

A marble is a versatile material that brings a lot of sophistication and elegance to any environment, and has a high strength and durability.

For those looking to build or renovate, good ideas are always welcome. At times, several professionals can come to be useful, as designers, architects and engineers.

A good consultation on materials and their cost-benefits, it will certainly point to marble as one of its best options when the intention is luxury and sophistication.

It can be applied both in the decoration of residential environments, commercial or business, in several options.

In this article we'll talk about ideas on how to use marble in indoor and outdoor decoration. Keep reading and check out our tips.

Advantages of using marble

First, it is important to emphasize that the quality of the material is fundamental, so we advise looking for a reputable sand and stone trade, to bring solutions and help when renovating or building.

When thinking about stone for room decoration, marble is the most popular, mainly for its beauty. In addition, is a lighter material than granite, allowing for greater flexibility in its use.

Comparing with other materials, as silestone and the quartz, it has a lower cost, making it more attractive.

being a metamorphic rock, this is a material resulting from the physicochemical transformation of limestone when exposed to extreme conditions of temperature and pressure., produced by volcanic activity.

How each condition is unique, the parts produced are also, with varieties of colors, such as:

  • White;
  • Beige;
  • Black;
  • Purple;
  • Brown;
  • Green;
  • Red.

With architecture and urbanism projects of tip, it is possible to create the most diverse atmospheres and styles.

Here are some ideas for using marble in your decor, renewing environments.

Tips for using marble in decor

Because it is a material that brings high sophistication to the environment, there are many questions about how to apply it. See some tips for using it in environments.

Marble furniture

The marble furniture is extremely luxurious.. Most commonly used in areas such as kitchen and bathroom, like a beautiful marble kitchen countertop in L.

But when it comes to decoration, creativity is the key point, and you can use it in the design of the most diverse furniture in the house, from tables, cabinet lining, on the nightstands, on headboards and benches.

However, it's important to keep common sense and not overdo it.. Marble creates a unique highlight in rustic environments, mostly dark tones. Glass-topped tables can take on a very luxurious look with marble as a base, in center columns.

These furniture combine with several flooring options, like vinyl and satin tones. Porcelain and ceramic coatings can also help create differentiated textures.

marble in the office

in offices, light and dark colors look good, giving a serious tone to the environment, of course, bringing a lot of luxury.

The Nero Marquina marble, which has a black tone with striking white slits, can be used for a conference table and transform the environment.

Neutral colors help you stay focused on your work, and here there is no risk of making the place monotonous, as this may also be unproductive., if the environment causes a feeling of boredom.

The colors are allies to work the sensations. Some are stimulants like the reds, yellowish and orange tones.

Use this material for cladding pilasters and countertops, or even on the floor. it's a great option. By the way, talking about floor, let's go to the coatings.

Marble in coatings

Marble floors and flooring are luxurious, referring to beautiful mansions, worthy of hollywood movies. An idea, is to mix marble floors with other materials, like vinyl or burnt cement.

In addition, it is possible to create beautiful mosaics and interesting color games. In tropical and warmer countries it combines a lot with the climate, it keeps the environment fresh.

Already in cold places, we advise to apply with care, as this can influence the thermal quality. Find out about engineering design companies that has been standing out in the market, therefore, see portfolios.

A good interior designer can also come up with lots of interesting ideas for the best shades.

Marble in the outdoor area

Outside and in the garden, marble can be used in vases of different sizes to create incredible color play.

For decorating parapets and balconies, use small pots with plants as succulents, can create a cozier environment.

in barbecues, also gives a gourmet touch to the environment, bringing attention to the piece. An Imperial Brown Barbecue, could bring an interesting highlight to the leisure area. This is a strong brown tone with dark and light accents..

in garages, can be used on pilasters, matching a heavy duty floor, bringing a very special charm to the place.

Marble in lighting

The versatility of marble extends to lighting, can be used to enhance both lamps and lampshades, as with light sources behind the stone, in corners, bringing a big standout.

Marble in small objects

To keep the room's contemporary air and still use this very classic material, you can choose to use it on small objects, like trays and other decorative details.

In the kitchen, small objects such as vases or vases also highlight the decoration.

marble in stairs

This is a classic that could not be left out, because the marble applied as a covering for stairs brings spaciousness and lightness to the environment..

This is a decoration trend that is present in business environments bringing all the elegance.

Marmore no foyer

the marble in the Hall Input can be used to enhance the feel of these environments., when using white and light tones.

Larger spaces can be used freely in more spacious places., giving a lot of personality to the environment.

search for civil engineering companies in SP for the development of projects for a good use of space, how much for the lighting of the place.

Marble in bathrooms

Here, the game of light colors to expand spaces is also a good option., mainly in washrooms, which are commonly smaller spaces.

The beige tones are very interesting, being able to give a futuristic tone to the environment, beyond minimalism, that matches a lot with this material. Dark tones bring more personality and boldness, can be combined with woody details.

Marble bathtubs are beautiful and make the environment very luxurious, can be combined with countertops that contrast the color of the rest of the environment.

Whether for construction or renovation, cherish a good company of construction management to control deadlines and deliveries, and avoid headaches.

marble in the room

In this room that asks for comfort, it is a meeting place and the most seen room in the house., the marble comes to make the place even more cozy.

Using dark tones to highlight fireplaces and coffee tables can create a great contrast to the rest of the furniture or decor..

And in the same way, the opposite is also interesting, with marble cladding points and lighter furniture, more minimalist to enhance.

Using gray tones with light-toned furniture creates a cozy atmosphere, valuing the place, and keeping the glamour.

Final Considerations

whatever the environment, choosing marble will always be a good option, being worth so much for the investment in a material of high durability and resistance, how much for valuing the place.

In this way, it will always be a lasting investment that brings a series of aesthetic benefits.. Whether in residential environments or at your company, it will certainly change the aesthetics of the place..

Look for a reliable company to quote the residential structural project cost and use your creativity to make your home an even more refined and comfortable place.

Can be used in bold ways, in the most diverse points of decoration, it can be used to change the feeling of spaciousness in rooms by playing with light colors, or even in a monochromatic environment.

Dark colors bring a more sober and even more elegant tone, being a great option for more intimate rooms, like bedrooms and bathrooms.

In addition, the outdoor areas have a lot to gain from marble details., being able to transform gourmet spaces and gardens.

Choosing good professionals to do your work, it will certainly have a smooth and on-time pace., both in terms of terms and costs.

Be the main highlight, be in the details, marble refers to luxury and sophistication, and this is indisputable.

Therefore, just have common sense, since it is a more sober material, that brings a more serious air to the environment.

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