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Maroka presents his own style for oil painting by Edmund Chandra

Edmundo Cavalcanti é Artista Plástico, Colunista de Arte e Poeta.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is a Visual Artist, Art Columnist and Poet.

Autodidact (self taught), artist creates monochrome style unmistakable.

The artist Maurice Lee, better known as Maroka, does artwork for 20 years. Self-taught and passionate for art, mainly by oil painting, the painter developed a style of his own, called by him to Surrealism Monochrome, What are various themes to oil on canvas or Panel with muted colors like black, the gray and white.

The city of São Paulo, Brasil, Maroka, in 2014, participated in the Exhibition in Rio de janeiro, the theme was "Rio de Janeiro city that lures", curated by Vera Figueiredo. In 2015, participated in the exhibition in Dubai (Gallery 76), curated by Eric Art. In 2016, participated in the Brazilian Art Salon ⁰ 1 House Brazil Liechtenstein in Vaduz. The artist also won two awards: Silver Medal with the work "Violinist", and Gold Medal with special mention of the Hall with the work "reading and imagination". Maroka also signed the cover illustration of the book "Preludio de una Luna Inmortal”, written by Galván Barquín Ricardo (Mexican surrealist poet).


Maurício Lopes Maroka é Artista Plástico.

Maurício Lopes Maroka's Artist.

Where did you born? And what is your academic training?

Was born in São Paulo-Capital. I have no academic training, I am self-taught.

How and when you give your first contact with the Arts?

I don't remember my first contact, care for the arts since I was a kid, I have saved drawings of 8 years old.

How did you find this gift?

At the age of 15 years been interested in paintings on canvas, I bought some material and I discovered myself and developing this gift.

Arte 4.What are your main influences?

The surrealism for sure, but I have no preference on any artist.

What materials do you use in your works?

My paintings are all the oil on canvas and Panel and in some works I use the technique of airbrushing. (mixed)

What is your creative process itself? What inspires you?

My creative process come many times through dreams or flashes of images in my mind as a gift, so I try to play them on screen, and what inspires me, I think that is all the mystery that surrounds us.

When you started effectively to produce or create your works?

Of a professional way for 5 years only.

Art is an intellectual production exquisite, where emotions are embedded in the context of creation, but in art history, we see that many artists are derived from other, following technical and artistic movements through time, you own any model or influence of any artist? Who would be?

Have no influence, with the time I was developing his own style, I've never been much for studying art, so no artist influenced my style, just try to move on to the screens my emotions and thoughts.

Arte 2.

Arte 7.

What does art mean to you? If you were to summarize in a few words the meaning of Arts in your life…

The art is part of my essence, I tried to quit several times her, but she's always inside of me, and certainly never leave.

What techniques do you use to express their ideas, feelings and perceptions about the world? (Whether it is through painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, photography… or uses several techniques in order to make a mix of different art forms)

I really fell in love with painting on canvas, but I risk some times working with resins and clays, and at the moment I'm writing a book, trying to express my spirituality.

Every artist has his mentor, that person whom you mirrored that encouraged and inspired you to follow this career you, going ahead and taking your dreams the other expression levels, who this person is and how it introduced you in the art world?

When I started giving my first strokes, My father was my greatest mentor, encouraged me a lot, but unfortunately passed away more than 20 years, and at the moment my wife and my son are my biggest boosters, don't make me give up my art.

Arte 6.

Arte 1.

You have another activity beyond art? You give lessons, lectures, etc..?

I do some side jobs motorcycle customization, Helmets, cars and etc., but my desire is to stay only in the Visual Arts.

Its major national and international exhibitions and their awards?

In 2015 I attended an exhibition in Dubai (Gallery 76) where I was awarded with silver medal, and in the same year participated in Rio de Janeiro, won Gold Medal with the work reading and imagination. In 2016 participated in the first Brazil House Arts salon in Vaduz, Principality of Liechtenstein, where my work is in the collection of the Gallery of the city. I had the pleasure to also sign the illustration of the book “Prelude to a luna inmortal” the Mexican surrealist poet Galván Barquín Ricardo, and many other stakes in national collective exhibitions.

Arte 3.

Your plans for the future.

For the future I wish I don't miss inspirations, and opportunities like this one now that you made me, to be able to show some of my art to the world, and to dream and continue to paint my dreams.

Website: www.marokaartes.comunidades.net
Facebook Profile: www.facebook.com/mauriciolopesaerografia
Instagram: maroka_arts
E-mail: mauriciolopes27@hotmail.com
Tel.: (11) 2022-4288 / (11) 98645-5288




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