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'MegaCities Short Docs' the largest short film festival that reveals sustainable initiatives in the world's largest cities is launched in Brazil

MegaCities Short Docs: To Improve Life in Cities, banner. Disclosure.
MegaCities Short Docs: To Improve Life in Cities, banner. Disclosure.

São Paulo, July 2022: the MegaCities Short Docs, citizen documentary festival focused on sustainable issues and launched 8 years in Paris, arrives in Brazil in a partnership with Metropolis of Greater Paris with the Portal Sao Paulo Sao.

The Festival highlights initiatives that address urban challenges, environmental and social issues to improve people's lives in the world's largest cities through audiovisual production. Valid for filmmakers in cities with more than one million inhabitants, (530 no world), including the 35 mega cities – What does Sao Paulo include? – and also Greater Paris.

A NGO Greater Paris Metropolis responsible for the creation of MegaCities Short Docs will award the winners of the 8th edition in Paris. The aim is to encourage people to get involved, but above all to act for a more united and respectful world with the planet.

On Brasil, the brand and Portal São Paulo São, leading initiative, will evaluate and reward categories and achievements based on the concept of the “City of 15 minutes ", that inspired his project “São Conexões” launched in 2021 and focused on the topic.

MegaCities Short Docs: To Improve Life in Cities, Maurício Machado. Photo: Jade Gadotti.
MegaCities Short Docs: To Improve Life in Cities, Maurício Machado. Photo: Jade Gadotti.

To Maurício Machado, brand creator, ““Bringing ShortDocs to Brazil, at the invitation of Professor Carlos Moreno (Scientific Director of ETI in Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne) it is an honor. It is the recognition of our efforts in the production of content, discussions and events that stimulate reflection on good coexistence in cities. The contest is a great opportunity for, through audiovisual production, reveal and inspire new projects and positive impact initiatives in cities. After all, making cities more sustainable and fair is essential for the survival of the Planet and humanity. And this is very clear in 17 SDGs – UN Sustainable Development Goals for the planet and cities”.

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The initiative in Brazil has the institutional support of ESPM – Superior School of Propaganda & Marketing, da APP – Association of Advertising Professionals, yes CCFB – France Brazil Chamber of Commerce, and SRI – Secretary of International Relations of São Paulo City Hall and SPCine. It also has media support of the Short Channel!, by Editora Meio & Message, from the Envolverde Agency, from Portal Earth News Terra and Editora Trip.

The festival

The festival is open to all citizens who want to produce a short film a maximum 4 minutes highlighting a local initiative that responds to an urban challenge and an economic issue, social or environmental in their cities. The shorts must witness concrete solutions imagined by and for the inhabitants, but also by local associations, metropolitan or international, public Power, institutions and companies.

As Patrick Ollier points out, President of Metropolis of Greater Paris: “At a time when the world is becoming increasingly urban, large cities are facing common challenges, such as the climate crisis. This initiative allows these metropolises to join forces to find new solutions and develop solidarity, in order to imagine cities that respect the environment and offer living spaces adapted to the new generations, integrating them at the same time into urban areas in general.

A jury made up of directors and change protagonists in France and abroad, chaired by French journalist and documentary filmmaker Marie Drucker, will select the 15 most inspiring documentaries, which will be displayed during the final ceremony in Paris – and, in other cities in the world. In Brazil, the São Paulo São Jury will be made up of experts and guests linked to the theme.

The Festival's award ceremony will take place in 8 th December 2022, not MK2 Quai de Seine, in Paris.

Last year, in the seventh edition, in 9 th December 2021, o Concession Grand Paris Metropolis o Premio Métropole in Hamza Chennaf, Sofia Akbli and Aissatou Faty for the movie “Doomed to Failure”.

Two Brazilians were awarded in previous editions: Raphael Machado (“The Planter”, 2017) and Felipe Moraes ("Under the bridge", 2019) can be seen on the Festival website: www.megacities-shortdocs.org/?lang=pt

As Didier Bonnet remembers, festival founder: “The world's megalopolises offer great attractions, but they also have many challenges.

We need committed citizens, to illuminate the darkest corners with the light of an audiovisual report, through initiatives led by individuals or a community. And those who can inspire another resident to put into practice an exemplary project that can change a neighbor's life, from a family, of a neighborhood or another city.”

The 8th edition of the festival and Brazil

The inscriptions of MegaCities Short Docs are open to filmmakers in the world's largest cities who want to translate, through audiovisual production, initiatives, solutions and innovations in 5 categories.

The awards for the category “City of 15 Minutos” and “Urban Climate Crisis” are open to filmmakers in all cities, regardless of your size (4 or 15 minutes).

By winning one of the prizes, in addition to the award of approx. € 11.500 in total, distributed to the winners, the director will also receive a round-trip air ticket between his city and Paris to attend the MC-SD Festival ceremony. Prizes are given to the best documentary short within each specific category..

Award – categories:

  • Best Documentary Short.
  • Best Student Short.

Award – mention for the subjects:

  • Urban Climate Crisis.
  • The City in 15 minutes.
  • Best Urban Initiative.

Award – Sao Paulo Sao + supporter:

  • Best Documentary Short.
  • Best Student Short (4 and 15 minutes).
  • happy proximity – City of 15 minutes (4 and 15 minutes).

The City Award 15 Minutes

The City Award 15 Minutes is delivered in partnership with ETI Chair – Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, which presents the concept of a city of 15 minutes. This concept was introduced in June 2019 by Carlos Moreno, Scientific Director of ETI in Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, who is also the Ambassador of the MC-SD Festival since its inception. This award aims to address urban challenges, encouraging debates on the need to rethink the design of the city and the spaces of life.

More specifically, the “City of 15 Minutes” is an urban model in which daily needs can be met on foot or by bicycle from residents’ homes., in only 15 minutes. This concept is now spread all over the world.: the “City of 15 Minutes” is at the center of debates and reflections on urban planning today and tomorrow.

São Paulo São launched the concept in Brazil in February 2021 having as a special guest Professor Carlos Moreno from ETI.

em particular, if you want to draw attention to the following:

  • New ideas about housing (shared, solidary, etc..) and coworking initiatives;
  • New approaches to healthcare (health centers that bring together several specialists, data transmission systems, etc..),
  • New perspectives on education in general (opening of schools on weekends, non-polluting school transport, new formats of pedagogical assistance),
  • Pedagogical alternatives in the teaching and learning process with an interdisciplinary focus on healthy eating and help for vulnerable people, through new modalities of cultural and sporting activities.
  • Innovation in terms of transport (logistics platforms, mutualization of transport, car and bike sharing systems).

Recognition for public policies

This year, two honorary recognitions were introduced:

  1. The "Honorary Recognition of Public Choice”, awarded in collaboration with French Institutes around the world, to the most voted short films shown publicly;
  2. It's the "Honorary Recognition of Public Sector Innovation”, granted to a city with more than 1 million inhabitants that presents an institutional film showing a high level of commitment to the urban sphere, social and/or environmental.

About the Great Metropolis of Paris

The Métropole du Grand Paris was created in 1 January 2016. It was founded by the 27 January 2014 on the Modernization of territorial public action and the affirmation of metropolises, and reinforced by the 7 August 2015 on New Republic organizations. gather 131 counties:

The Métropole du Grand Paris has the following performance for the 7,2 million metropolitan inhabitants of Paris:

  • Economic development and planning, cultural and social,
  • Protection and enhancement of the environment and living environment policy,
  • Metropolitan space development,
  • local housing policy,
  • Management of aquatic environments and flood prevention.

About Film 4 Sustainable World

General interest association founded in Paris in 2014, whose objective is to inspire through short documentaries, inhabitants, associations, companies and elected officials to create new initiatives, in the heart of the world's greatest cities, contributing to a fairer and more environmentally friendly society.

About Sao Paulo Sao

Multimedia platform dedicated to promoting the connection of São Paulo residents with their city, to encourage citizen involvement and action with urban issues that impact everyone's daily lives. São Paulo São bets on people’s creativity and defends the engagement of all sectors of society – companies, government and citizens in general.

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