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perfect table: table tips set to delight

A little care and affection raises the level of meals to the tenth power

QAnyone who appreciates a well-arranged table knows that eating with the eyes is as satisfying as tasting a good dish. Napkin, sleepers, cups, cutlery, cups, pots and plates can become protagonists of a table set and raise the level of meals to the tenth power. Want to surprise someone with an instagrammable table? Check out some tips that can transform bread and coffee into a feast worthy of royalty.

Finding a tidy and beautiful table before starting a meal is a treat that doesn't need a specific date or celebration to happen.. It's a reminder that life needs to be appreciated in its everyday details and moments.. a beautiful american game, colorful dessert plate or cup with a loving message will reveal more than overflowing coffee in the saucer: it is affection and love that nourishes the heart.


In the rush of everyday life, the tablecloth is often in the background, but the item greatly values ​​a table set and leaves everything with a special touch. For a romantic dinner, a pink or red towel creates a nice ambiance. If your decor is more colorful, the ideal is to bet on more neutral towels, to compose without fighting with the patterns on the plate, for example. Towels are perfect for those who have a scratched table, or older, because they value and hide imperfections.


The name is kind of weird, but sousplat is very famous when it comes to beautiful table. Normally, is used when there is no tablecloth, but they can be superimposed on it as well – there is no usage rule. The cool thing is that you can compose plain sousplat with print, for example, and collect some models for different occasions. A lot of people confuse sousplat with the American game, and, although they seem a little, they have different functions. American games are a kind of individual tablecloths, that accommodate the dishes, cutlery and glasses, while the sousplats are just a support for the cymbals, which also serve to demarcate the seats at the table.

Dinner Game

Who loves to serve doesn't give up a beautiful dinner game. After all, even a sausage noodle gets another look when it's served on a pretty plate. It is common to separate dinner Game for everyday use and one for special occasions., like birthdays and Christmas, for example. The most basic are perfect everyday companions, while those with refinement and care are wonderful to impress and eat with the eyes.

cups and goblets

With all due respect to cups of curd lovers, but drinking a juice or drink in an appropriate glass is one of the most pleasant sensations of adult life. for those who love to serve, beautiful cups and glasses can't be missed, since, in addition to making the table set even more beautiful, bring a delicious sensation of pleasure to those who offer the delights of life.

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Other details

When the subject is a table set with respect, Those who love to perfect the details don't let anything go unnoticed., like candlesticks, candles, cutlery, dessert pots, napkins and vases. Every little care will enrich the experience even more., how to use the ferro de passar a vapor Arno to leave clean towels and napkins, or decorate the table with flowers. Eating with the eyes is delicious too and feeds the heart.

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