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My Role in the World, 2th Edition

The handmade universe under the eyes and production of paper artists from Brazil and abroad

Virtual event promotes, from 20 to 30 September, meetings with 11 outstanding artists in the universe of handmade papers. In these meetings, open to all, artists, of different nationalities, will present experiences and manual production techniques and their affective relationships with the material.

My Role in the World has the support of UNIPAZ – International Peace University, of the Living Museum of Candanga Memory and Secec-DF – State Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of the Federal District.

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the habits of many people globally, among them the fast pace of daily routine. And, with confinement, many people found in crafts a new activity as well as a therapeutic way of meeting themselves.

What for some is new, for many this activity has been present in daily life for a long time. In My Role in the World, the experience meets those who are starting. In artist presentations, opportunities to deepen the charm by making paper manuals.

For the event organizer, Gizelma Fernandes, “Living with vegetable fibers, with which we produce papers, awakens enchantment through the touch of many textures, the diversity of possible colors and in the face of the surprise of the results ”.

Of the raw materials used are staple fibers, vines and leaves, flower petals and bark. Because it is a production in tune with the movements of nature, “We only harvest the banana fibers, after she has already produced the bunch ”, exemplifies the organizer. The whole process is handmade, from cutting to washing the fibers, passing through the cooking of inputs.

Don't hide, which has been engaged in the creation and production of handmade paper for over 15 years, describes your experience as spiritual, “It's something that fills me up and empties me, realize me and overflow me ”. About the lessons that remain, “A learning about humility, impermanence and lack of control over things ”, highlights.

Programming starts at Paper Day (20/09), with Gizelma's speech about “The Sacred in the Art of Paper”. In the lectures of the artists, will be addressed, including, socioenvironmental aspects of artisanal paper production and the importance of paper in their lives. Brasília papermakers participate in the event, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and also Spain and Ecuador.

II My Role in the World
From 20 September, Paper Day, to 30 the same month
The 11 videos will be posted daily, always at 11AM, no Instagram and on the channel YouTube of Banana Flower.
The event has the support of UNIPAZ, of the Living Museum of Candanga Memory and Secec-DF – State Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of the Federal District.
Information: (61) 9.9901-9096 or flordebananeiraarte@gmail.com


PROGRAMMING (subject to change)

Day 20 - Day of the Papermaker - Gizelma Fernandes (Brasilia) - The Sacred in the Art of Paper

Day 21 - International Day of Peace - Roberto Crema (Brasilia) - Vocation and Peace

Day 22 - Spring Day - Regina Fittipaldi (Brasilia) - Paper and Paper: sustainability artisans in the art of transforming.

Day 23 - Erica Campos (São Paulo) – Hands That Make

Day 24– Camola Valarezo (Ecuador) - Manual Loom with Recyclables Started in Africa

Day 25 - Pillar Sala (Spain) - Vegetable Textures

Day 26- Marcia Valarezo (Ecuador) - A Story about Recycling

Day 27– Georgia do Alecrim Papel (Rio de Janeiro) – The Recycling of Paper as a Place of Healing

Day 28 - Leonardo Gomes do Papel Ecos (São Paulo) - Handmade Paper and Graphic Arts: between plants and clichés.

Day 29– Monica Almeida (Brasilia) - Paper and Painting: Epiphany

She's 30– Nayla Reis (Brasilia) - Social contact and with joy: My Role in the World

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