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Sets, gastronomy, visual arts and much more in the cultural calendar of the Cobogó Market

Reference in Brasilia, when the demand is to find original products combined with affective gastronomy experiences, the

Cobogó Market

prepared a cultural calendar full of events for all tastes and ages

A meeting point for people in love with art, the Cobogó Market (704/705 North) expresses the brasiliense way of being, since its opening in 2008. Amidst ornamental plants, design pieces, fashion and works by local artists, the visitor feels free to consume from the capricious menu, as well as from the store or simply enjoying beautiful things.

in your outdoor area, in a cozy setting in the shadow of a large Gameleira, the Cobogó holds a variety of events, which values ​​the small producer and in each edition brings together exhibitors from the most different aspects of the arts and gastronomy. All have free admission and free classification for all audiences.

From Literature to Visual Arts, passing through fashion and music, even natural cosmetics, organic or gourmet products, everything that is found in the special events of the Cobogó respect the environment, aligns with sustainability concepts and has affordable prices.

The calendar [of events] is extensive and promises a lot of good things by the end of the year. Starting with a Used Books Fair, where readers avid for a good book share their collections. Collaborative format, participate in the Fair: used bookstore; bookstores; Independent Publishers; collectors; or anyone willing to sell or exchange. This takes place every last Saturday of the month and the next ones will be days 28/08 (saturday now), and 25/09, 30/10 and 27/11. The fair also collects books for donation.

Known by many and a darling of the regulars of the Cobogó, to yard fair brings together small artisan producers, already five years ago. always on sundays, there are breads, mel, smoked meats, confectionery, organic vegetables, and much more.

On Thursdays, market opening hours extend a little longer, go until 10pm. Tonight, affectionately called Happy Thursday, a delicious Artisanal Hamburger is served on French Bread, hamburger-shaped, with house sauce, that makes all the difference. To go with, Craft draft beer and special beers. The night is reserved for literary releases.

On 4 September, Saturday, happens the Enlarged Photo, who, as the name already delivers, will be a event about photography, but that won't be just in the image, in the photo itself. The day will be dedicated to everything related to this art, from digital and analog cameras to films and publications beyond, of course, of works by renowned photographers from the city.

Promote awareness of the necessary reuse of garments, given the incalculable overproduction of the textile industry and its high consumption, to La Sacuelita – in partnership with the Cobogó – promotes one more Thrift Stores Meeting, day 18 September. The next days take place 23/10 and 20/11.

always themed, having been the first two meetings “Winter Brechó” and “The Best Pieces of the Collection”, for this third, thrift stores have lighter pieces, flowing, vibrant and sunny colors to compose a “Prima Vera Collection”.

the young La Sacuelita, born in 2019, it's the second-hand thrift store, newest and hippest finds in the city. Its rich collection consists of signed pieces and vintage accessories and has a fixed point in the basement of the Cobogó.

From simple and well done in small studios, from little-known brands to brands like Chanel, Moschino, Lino Villaventura and Versace, the acquis La Sacuelita surprises with well mined collections.

Used Books Fair
Days: Saturdays 28/08, 25/09, 30/10 and 27/11
Time: From 10 am to 8 pm
Shows Enlarged Photo
Day: Saturday, 4 September
Time: From 10 am to 8 pm
Thrift Stores Meeting
Days: Saturdays 18/09, 23/10 and 20/11
Time: From 10 am to 8 pm
yard fair
Days: All sunday
Time: From 9am to 2pm
Happy Thursday
Days: Every Thursday
Time: from 5 pm to 10 pm

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