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Picture frames, how to choose the best one to decorate your environment

Feeling at home goes beyond being where you live: is to recognize yourself in each space of that environment, is being able to call home.


More than a place to rest or even work, the house needs to allow its inhabitant a unique feeling of belonging, cosiness, comfort and safety. For each space there is a format, and one of the main trends is the use of photo frames to decorate the walls.

The use of paintings for decoration it is a trend that continues and also allows the decorator to express the personality of the owners in the details, or even that it can be used in hotels to welcome and represent the identity of their customers.


The frames appear in different materials and can be explored according to each environment.

“We have a trend which is the gallery wall, which basically consists of pictures grouped together on a single wall, designed according to space. In smaller spaces, the ideal is smaller compositions, or in one size, larger spaces allow grouped pictures, or in a single large picture with a more imposing frame.”, comments the architect Carla Almeida.


The Mosaic line offered by Grupo Foto Sul brings six composition options, which can contain six to twelve pictures. It can also be used with the composition of other frames on the same wall or environment..

The brand also has lines of frames for pictures in different finishes.. Starting from minimalist options, like the A-lines, B and C that include frames from 3 cm wide.

For those who don't want to go beyond the basics without ceasing to be discreet, they can choose between the frames of the D lines, And, F, G, H e I.

Those who prefer bold items can opt for the Premium line, that has frames with sizes, different widths and styles that allow you to create an elegant composition.

According to the architect, the use of photography, and frames, in the decoration of environments it goes beyond and occupies, including, business and hospitality spaces. “Photography shows us moments lived that can never be forgotten and this shows in the decoration the personality of each one, what each one lived.

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Currently both screens and paintings are super high in decoration. It is possible to mix different types of frames and dimensions on the same wall, this game allows you to use all your creativity with shapes, colors and sizes.

“Recently, I used a gold leaf frame in a bathroom in the couple's suite., which left the environment impeccable and sophisticated. It depends on the style of your decoration, the games of compositions are endless,” clarifies the architect.

Check out some tips from the architect:

  1. Nowadays, houses and apartments are becoming smaller and smaller, the great doubt of consumers is in relation to the size of the frames. Architect Carla shares examples of her own house, some small rooms with big pictures, which thus provide the breadth of the site.
  2. Also what is very modern are several small paintings, with different frames composition, with family photos, or work of art.
  3. The choice of frame is basically made with image tests: colored or P&B, scenery and, also, where the frame will be fixed.
  4. Another suggestion would be to use a cropped photo in 3 parts, forming the illustration in 3 frames placed side by side.
  5. wood frames, black or white are the most traditional frames, so as not to make the mistake of not matching the home environment.
  6. Golden tip to not miss the height: in the eye line.
  7. Regarding the portraits, can be used in the traditional format, or they are fixed as if it were a supported frame.
  8. Always keep the frame profile with the image size, maintaining a proportion between both, thus valuing the image and, also, the frame.


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