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#Momentum: TikTok. Disclosure.
#Momentum: TikTok. Disclosure.

#Momentum: TikTok exhibits for the first time a marathon of lives from museums around the world

As a global entertainment platform, TikTok is a place that celebrates cultural expression and the arts, giving communities the power to discover culture from all corners of the world, from art and music, even dance and theater. On 18 de Mayo, TikTok launches the first #MomentoMuseu, bringing together some of the most iconic institutions in the world, for the first time, for a whole day of lives at a global event.

Around the world, one #MomentMuseum at a time

A live longest TikTok cultural tour to date will take users on a tour of the best cultural institutions in the world, featuring an exclusive virtual tour, through 23 museums in 12 different countries.

The #MomentoMuseu broadcast will begin at the National Gallery of Singapore, at 4 am (Brasilia time), and it will take whoever is watching an unforgettable journey through the arts around the world, passing through Israel, Japan, Brasil, France, Spain, Holland, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, ending the live in Mexico at 10 pm. The #MomentoMuseu will be broadcast live throughout the day at TikTok for Good, the global TikTok channel for social impact content.

A live of the #MomentoMuseu will give people the chance to experience cultural content from around the world, from a tour of England from 1930 by Black Country Museum (GB) until you hear a taxidermy expert in the Berlin Natural History Museum (Germany) or see famous works of art like The Night Watch, of Rembrandt, no Rijksmuseum (Holland) and explore the iconic spaces in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (USA). A Sacramento History Museum (USA), who has produced some of TikTok's most popular cultural content in recent years, will take art and history enthusiasts on a virtual tour of the print shop from the museum, made famous on TikTok by volunteer Howard, entitled to an exclusive visit to the new exhibition, “California in Print”. From modern art to historical artifacts, ancient sculptures and architecture, there will be something for all culture lovers to enjoy. It will also be possible to attend a mediation at the temporary exhibition “Coronacene”, of the Museum of tomorrow (BR), that addresses the transformations that the Covid-19 pandemic caused in the lives of people all over the world, or run through the beautiful landscapes of the Ricardo Brennand Institute (BR).

As part of the celebration, TikTok will also launch a new Augmented Reality effect, that allows a more immersive experience in the Palace of Versailles, where you can become Queen Marie Antoinette while strolling through the virtual gallery.

Culture starts at TikTok

As a platform that inspires creativity and brings joy, TikTok also creates and celebrates culture that crosses borders, unlocking experiences for art enthusiasts worldwide.

On the last year, some of the most famous cultural institutions in the world joined TikTok and connected with a wider audience, welcoming visitors digitally in immersive online experiences.

Cultural content occupies a central place in TikTok, where there has been a huge growth in people consuming culture and art in the last year. Content with the most popular hashtags in this category, that includes #FineArt, #ArtHistory and #ArtOnTikTok, received more than 2 billion views per month so far worldwide, growing more than 3000% on the last year.

Being able to visit iconic institutions virtually through the lens of the TikTok community aroused people's curiosity, whether to see art, see something different or learn about history. A #Museum inspired many of the video creations around the world, with content growing more than 200% since May 2020.

The most popular cultural content on TikTok goes beyond borders, as art lovers from all over the world can travel for a chocolate cascade in lebanon or discover masterpieces by Italian creators and see a presentation by music artist Emanuele Aloia at the Uffizi Gallery in Italy.

“No TikTok, we pride ourselves on being a place where museums and galleries can open their doors digitally and connect audiences worldwide with their exciting content. That International Museum Day, we cannot wait to see what is behind the scenes of some of the most iconic institutions around the world and offer a place that can be visited by virtual tourists, who will be immersed in culture from around the world”, says Ronaldo Marques, manager of TikTok Content Partnerships in Brazil.

“TikTok represents a real revolution in the way of interacting with the public. I see a growing movement for the appropriation of digital media as an instrument to enhance access to education and culture. For the Ricardo Brennand Institute, being part of the TikTok family means being closer to the public and having greater interaction with people. Is to take the museum, art and culture to them in a light and creative way. This makes it possible to present the most different contents and art experimentation in a playful way. More than getting to know the Institute and the collections on display in its windows, the platform allows immersion through the most varied languages: music, dance, video, Games, polls and creative actions. This is a real transformation in contact with art, making artistic enjoyment more and more pleasurable ”, comments Nara Galvão, director of the Ricardo Brennand Institute.

To participate in the action and join TikTok's biggest cultural live, connect on the day 18 de Mayo, from 4 am (Brasilia time). Check the schedule of live global here.

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