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Ceramic art show meets 13 exhibitors this saturday, day 6/11, no Cobogó Market

A Cobogó Market promotes the second edition of

Ceramic Cobogó

Where visitors can appreciate multiple works in artistic and utilitarian ceramics, with the possibility of acquiring them from the hands of those who make them

calm moments, patience, practice and introspection – it is crossed and traversed by these spaces of time that ceramists develop their creative methods and production stages.

From designing a series or collection of pieces, which part of the design, going through the technique to be used, until reaching the choice of materials, the artists that perform in the Ceramic Cobogó skillfully master each of these phases.

These are processes that result in exclusive pieces, made one by one by the hands of the artist. To reach the expected product or artwork, potters devote themselves to long exercises of experimentation and much study.

With this, all the production to be presented in the event, that occurs day 6 November (Saturday), in the external area of ​​the Cobogó Market (704/5 North), is exclusively handcrafted, single or very small scale, and brings in each of the pieces the signature and identity of the person who made them.

Altogether, 13 ceramist artists participate in the 2nd Cobogó de Cerâmica, all and all from Brasilia. Between more experienced and beginners, introduce themselves, they and they, as equals in this meeting and sign as Ceramic implement; Love Im Ceramics; Ana + Flavia; Ara workshop; benedict arts; Lunar Ceramics; Little Ceramics; Cris Martin; Ceramic sparer; Fernanda Vasconcelos; Flavia pinto; Luciana Cosati; and Your Barromeo.

Sustainable – Everything can be reused, nothing is of animal origin, all inputs are non-toxic and non-polluting, and has high durability.

Raw pieces can return to their natural clay state, the burns, crushed and mixed with clay. Excesses of nail polish or engobes – also mixed – result in new colors and tones.

Everything can be found in nature. the filtered earth, turns clay. Ashes, sand, well-dosed clay and oxides, become exclusive nail polishes or engobes. Tools are made of metal and wood, in your most.

Burning at high temperature, makes the parts refractory and guarantees them durability. What makes them withstand many years of continuous use. All can go to the gas oven, electric or microwave, as well as the dishwasher.

An experience that proved to be successful

the first edition, with the participation of a similar number of potters, showed the public's growing interest in consuming and valuing the sustainable and unique art represented in ceramics.

throughout the day of the first show, held in august, an expressive amount of people moved between the tables asking questions about everything that involves the production of ceramics.

Many left the space after purchasing parts for their own use or giving someone a gift, others took the opportunity to place exclusive orders and all left with the promise of returning.

2º Cobogó of Ceramics
Covered place: Cobogó Market in the SCRN 704/5 North
day and time: Saturday, 6 November, from 10:00 to 8:00 pm
Entrance: Free entry
Parental guidance: Free to all audiences
Information: @marketcobogo, no Instagram

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