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MUL.TI.PLO promotes chat with José Resende and Ronaldo Brito

The work of one of the biggest names in Brazilian contemporary art through the eyes of one of the most important thinkers in the country.

meeting takes place in 14 February, third, às 18h30, as a result of the show in the gallery with
unpublished works by the sculptor from São Paulo.

Multi.ti.plo Espaço Arte promotes on the day 14 February, a meeting between the sculptor José Resende, one of the biggest names in contemporary brazilian art, and the critic and professor Ronaldo Brito, one of the most respected thinkers in the country.


The chat revolves around the exhibition “Rotation and translation”, that presents 14 unpublished works in brass, brass mill, copper and steel cable from Resende. Ronaldo, which has a longstanding professional partnership with the artist, is who signs the text of the show, that ends in the day 24 February, on Mul.ti.plo. Admission is free.

At the age of 77 years old and over 50 a solid and successful career, José Resende is back in the capital of Rio de Janeiro after a decade. In his last exhibition in the city, in 2011, he occupied the monumental hall of the MAM. This time, the challenge was to create works that spoke with the gallery space in Leblon.


The exhibition opens in two stages. In the first, are bigger works, that unfold themselves, like a multiplication experiment. There are five wall sculptures (about 260 x 80 x 40 cm) and two on the floor (approximately 45 x 42 x 115 cm), made from brass tubes articulated with steel cable. “One piece comes out of the other, but each one has a different unit and a mobility relationship with the gallery space”, explains the artist. In counterpoint, there are six smaller sculptures, about 45 x 42 x 115 cm, that work on the issue of tension and also movement from rods and springs.

The name of the exhibition, “Rotation and translation”, departed from the critical text by Ronaldo Brito and refers to a phrase by the American artist Carl Andre. “In response to the bewilderment at his literal plays, the minimalist sculptor insisted they had, activate, base: the Earth. José Resende would score – the land, in movement of rotation and translation”, Ronaldo writes, who also signed the text for the exhibition at MAM-RJ in 2011.


Known for his large-scale works, such as the monumental installation with wagons suspended from steel cables, in São Paulo, in 2011, José Resende has several works in public places in Rio. One of them is the sculpture nicknamed “The passer-by”, in Largo da Carioca, the “Yes”, in the cultural corridor of the Center. “José Resende is a creator of exceptions. your poetic, always renewed, brings a power that is revealed in each new work”, Müller says Maneco, who runs Multi.ti.plo in partnership with Stella Ramos.


São Paulo, 1945. Lives and works in São Paulo, SP. Graduated in architecture from Mackenzie University, São Paulo, studies engraving at FAAP. In 1963 studies with Wesley Duke Lee and, between 1964 and 1967, he is an intern at the office of the architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha. In 1966, founds with Nelson Leirner, Wesley Duke Lee, Geraldo de Barros, Carlos Fajardo and Frederico Nasser at Rex Gallery and Sons. In 1967, wins the Acquisition Award at the 9th Bienal de São Paulo.

In 1970, holds an individual show at MAM-RJ and MAC-USP. In the same year, founded with Carlos Fajardo, Frederico Nasser and Luís Baravelli the Escola Brasil artistic experimentation center, where he teaches for four years. In 1974, holds solo exhibition at MASP, São Paulo. In 1980, receives honorable mention in the representation of Brazil at the 11th Biennale de Paris.

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In the same year, edits art publication “Part of Fire” together with a group of critics and artists. In 1984, receives fellowship from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, residing in NY until 1985. In 1988, participates in the 43rd Venice Biennale. In 1992, Participates in Documenta 9, Kassel, Germany. Throughout his career, José Resende developed a poignant performance within the art and culture debate in Brazil, especially between 1960 and 1980, period of military dictatorship.

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From the 1990, develops numerous projects, permanent and temporary, especially for urban spaces. In addition to exhibiting several times at the São Paulo International Biennial (9°, 17°, 20ª and 24ª) and in important national and international institutions throughout its more than 50 year career.

His works are featured in important public collections such as MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo and Pinacoteca of the State of São Paulo. His last exhibition was at the Iberê Camargo Foundation, Porto Alegre, in December 2021.


art chat
José Resende and Ronaldo Brito
data: 14 February 2023 (Tuesday)
Time: 18h30
Local: Mul.ti.plo Space Art
End: Dias Ferreira Street, 417/206 – Leblon - Rio de Janeiro
Free entry
RSVP: + 55 21 2294 8284 | +55 21 20420523 (Whatsapp)
Exhibition: until 24 February 2023, from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 18:30h (Saturdays, by appointment)

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