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Shows "Exchange Portfolio". Photo: Disclosure.

Museum of engraving opens two exhibitions on Friday

The Museum of the City of Curitiba engraving opens two collective exhibitions on Friday (15/6), at 19h. There are more than 100 participating artists to exhibit his prints in the exhibition "Exchange Portfolio" and their designs made from a metal matrix, with exposure "The plurality Calcogravura in his technique".

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The exhibition "Exchange Portfolio" is curated by Nelson Hohmann and with the participation of 90 artists, who develop their work both in the workshops of the Museum of the City of Curitiba engraving as in other spaces.

According to the curator, the picture is important so that people can have affinities with new technologies. "The vanguards we live in today is the fruit of those reasons that guided us in the past. A Internet, the computer itself, we associate technological developments that these techniques hold ", afirma Hohmann.

The show brings together prints many artists exploring the relationship between experimental techniques, contemporary and traditional engraving. The exhibition of the proposal is based on the creation of an album, the exchange of work between the participants. The project proposes the approach of artists with the community, and an intermittent dialogue on the limits and possibilities practices and the strengthening of local cultural environment, national and other countries. In addition to Brazilian, participate in the collective foreign artists, as an English, a Colombian and an Argentine.

Exposição “A Calcogravura em sua pluralidade técnica”. Foto: Divulgação.

Exhibition "The Calcogravura in his technique plurality". Photo: Disclosure.

Meanwhile, the exhibition "The Calcogravura in his technique plurality", brings images recorded on metal from a collective 10 artists. The show is curated by Vinicius Buzzatto.

Printing on Calcogravura occurs by pressure on the piece to be printed. According to the curator, the public will have the opportunity to learn different ways of recording images in the material. "Our intention is to show how rich and particular is this world we live in. We want to show that there are many possibilities to write to the metal and also show how this kind of picture may tell us something ", explains Vinicius Buzzatto.

Service - Opening of the exhibition "Exchange Portfolio" and "The Calcogravura in his technique plurality"
Local: Engraving Museum city of Curitiba-Solar do Barão (President Carlos Cavalcanti Street, 533)
Date and time of opening of the exhibition: day 15/6, Friday, at 19h.
Exhibition period: of 15 from June to 09 September 2018
Schedules for visitation: 9h to 12:00 and 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm, Tuesday to Friday and from 12 to 18h, on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
Free entrance


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