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naican escobar. Photo: Disclosure.
naican escobar. Photo: Disclosure.

Naican Escobar uses art to talk about depression and its consequences

Working in different segments of the art, the artist proposes to bring messages and reflections about the disease to young adults

For many people, Youth is a period of life composed of several crises and intense questions that can trigger depressed feelings, that when not treated, can develop into depression. Worrying about the mental health of young adults, naican escobar, artist of just 21 years, contributes to the lives of these people by talking about depression and its consequences through literature and cinematography.


Debuting in literature in 2019 with “A look at mental health”, self-help book launched by Editora Autografia, the artist has four other works published and is currently working on the film adaptation of one of them. “I started doing workshops and courses to qualify, so I asked myself why not adapt my books to movies and live more in this world?”, reflects.

In “Elisa Amyr's Restart”, released in 2020 by Flyve Publishing, naican escobar depicts the process of recovery from depression. through letters, The author tells the story of a teenager from 17 years of recovery from the disease and throughout the narrative factors that triggered feelings of deep sadness in the protagonist are presented, and in a reflective and intimate way, the artist touches the reader with his message.

Talking about depression and its consequences is a very responsible role for the moment we live in Brazil, especially after several people feel their mental health being challenged by the pandemic. Literary and cinematic works can be critical for young adults to connect and seek professional help..

“The stories I write open up possibilities for reflection on various aspects involving life, everyday life and about yourself, I always try to help the public overcome some mental disorders, depression being one of them, the artist has already been awarded and nominated for some awards with his works.

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naican escobar He has been in contact with art since he was little and has a degree in Film Direction from the Academia Internacional de Cinema (AIC), in São Paulo. In addition to this course, the artist also specialized in screenwriting, art direction and TV acting. This time, he is dedicated to the adaptation of “Elisa Amyr's Restart”, recording starts in april.

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About the artist: In touch with art since childhood, Naican Escobar was born in May 2000, in Cruz Alta, city ​​located in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul. With several works launched in the publishing market, which has already awarded him literary prizes, the artist writes Young Adult stories — young adults — and also pursues a career in audiovisual as an actor, film director and screenwriter.

Instagram: @naican.escobar

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