The relief theory, an urgent reflection on evolution and human weaknesses

The relief theory: How a positive goal can generate immense dangerous reactions (autograph), by Octavio Pires - featured. Photo: Disclosure.

How much the rampant consumerism experienced by contemporary society is simply the product of forces we do not control? We always seek relief from something that ails us and we act to find solutions to what we see as problems or desires.? Estas são perguntas de base do livro A teoria do alívio: How a positive goal can generate huge reactions … Read more

Naican Escobar uses art to talk about depression and its consequences

naican escobar. Photo: Disclosure.

Working in different segments of the art, the artist proposes to bring messages and reflections about the disease to young adults For many people, Youth is a period of life composed of several crises and intense questions that can trigger depressed feelings, that when not treated, can develop into depression. Se preocupando comRead more

Buana Lima launches the book “I of All Times and the Spheres of the Universe”

Buana Lima launches the book “I of All Times and the Spheres of the Universe”. Disclosure.

Characters from the book will be collectibles The story begins in a café in Colombia, unites Colombian characters, english, Scottish and varied beliefs. The protagonists who thought they had a quiet life and a defined destiny will live ups and downs in their love lives after having met a lovely old English woman in a cafe. Readers will experience emotions with witches … Read more

The Nameless inaugurates series of Niterói Poems and reinforces existing psychological mark in literature

Expert compares writing by newcomer Marcos Jorge Nasser to Baudelaire Answer how life is, with the courage to write the poems that incites, is the proposal of Marcos Jorge Nasser in his debut book: Niterói poems – The Nameless (autograph) – Volume I. O autor não tenta usar atalhos para responder a esta interrogação e com versosRead more

Project seeks to rescue sonnets through the juxtaposition of artistic forms

SonetIMAGEM is the second book in the series and puts pictures as meaning of the world Of everything to my love I will be attentive Before, and such zeal, is always, e tanto Que mesmo em face do maior encanto Dele se encante mais meu pensamento. Quero vivê-lo em cada vão momento E em seu louvor hei deRead more