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The concept of sustainability indoors: how to adopt green decor

This new global approach aims to reduce man's impact on the environment

Concerned about environmental problems, many of us are looking for more sustainable consumption alternatives. All sectors of society are affected, including decoration. many brands, today, are committed to sourcing raw materials from responsible sources, employ local labor and pay a fair wage, for example.

This new global approach aims to reduce man's impact on the environment, preserve natural resources and ensure the sustainability of the planet and of human beings. Thinking about it, it is important to check out some tips on how to adopt a green decoration for your home.

1. durable products

Since we must consume less to consume better, the useful life of a product is an important factor in measuring its impact on the environment. In fact, the stronger the piece, least it will need to be replaced.

How about, for example, invest in a solid wood table from a trusted source? In addition to enchanting your dining room, This piece of furniture will last for many years..

2. local crafts

In line with the desire for a slower life, interest in crafts is growing. these objects, usually handmade, carry a story and are a great way to create original interior decor. A ceramic vase, a fabric rug, a wooden statue…

Each piece has imperfections that make it unique.. these objects, made with patience and thanks to a certain know-how, sometimes typical of a region, have an inestimable symbolic value.

3. recycle and reuse

Recycling has become part of the routine of people who live in cities with selective collection. pizza boxes, milk bottles and old papers can have a second life, provided they are properly classified.

Recyclable waste can take on various forms and become a decorative object., like the ones made of plastic. Sustainable decoration can be done in different ways, of the solar panel that you can install in your house, with the aid of a solar energy simulator, until recycling.

4. Second-hand furniture and objects

Rethink, reuse, reduce and recycle. this principle, which has become increasingly popular, took us to experience second-hand shopping.

Because giving new life to furniture and decorative objects that have already been used is a way of showing a greater awareness of the value of the items in question, but also the environment.

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