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VIRI's Visceral Fantastic

The expression of the Fantastic and his Fantasies!

A Art Lab Gallery it presents "The Fantastic Visceral”, first show individual by the plastic artist and skater MAN with an unprecedented series of 23 copyright paintings and jewelry, a collab with Reeeskate99 with sophisticated techniques upcycling. The curator is Juliana Monaco.

The screens of the new series impact at first sight. Your colorful background, in solid and vivid tones, arouse the curiosity of the eye and instigate a more detailed observation. The approximation offers the details: in delicate and precise lines, are examples of the Brazilian flora and fauna. Plants, animals, birds, can be observed in their accuracy., plus the artist's personal identity, where the adherence of the “natural world with the fantastic, o surreal, where its details and features harmonize with the contrast of vivid colors”, curator defines.

MAN challenges the audience to question the screen image, if you're in or out, since the parity between colors that are not complementary are juxtaposed allowing a wide analysis of tones and contrasts. purposely, this difference in tonalities highlights and gives body to the features, highlighting the original technique used.

With your own jewelry, the upcycling of the skateboard fragments is used to perpetuate the story as the collab MAN and Reeskate99 think design together, to “continue the art of skateboarding”. The creation process is artisanal, resulting in unique items that, with due care, become perennial.

The Fantastic Visceral” allows that MAN present the result of your inner dive to the values, memories and dreams of a trajectory. The artist records, with originality, technique and meticulous detailing, specimens of flora and fauna, packed by colors that give them a new identity. the sportsman, improves his detailing technique from which pieces of jewelry are born that carry the history of a practice that instills a sense of freedom. …like in animals!


Exhibition: “Visceral Fantastic”

Artist: MAN

Curated By: Juliana Monaco

Opening: 23 of June, Thursday, from 18h to 21h
Period: from 24 from June to 09 th July 2022

Local: Art Lab Gallery
Address: Rua Oscar Freire, n°. 916 – Gardens, São Paulo – SP
Time: Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm

Number of works: approximately 50 works
Techniques: paintings, prints, sculpture, artist's jewelry
Dimensions: varied
Price: on request

Contact: curadoria.artlabgallery@gmail.com
Instagram: @artlabgalleryoscarfreire

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