'The Hive’ opening in cinemas day 30 of June

Dramatic suspense follows the conflicts of a group of German immigrants

Not all blood is sweet as honey. the hive

A group of German immigrants lives isolated in the interior of southern Brazil. They try to be invisible, but the fear of what may be around them makes them fragile and leads them to violent conflicts with each other.. Mayla, the young teenager struggles to escape from that place. Oppressed by adults and betrayed by her own twin, she has a dark fate and different from what she expected. Mayla's flesh is sweet in a dark and bitter time.


Award Winner for Best foreign feature at the Zaragoza International Film Festival and five Kikitos at the Rio Grande do Sul show at the 49th Gramado Film Festival (direction, actor, photography, sound and art), “the hive” arrives at the classrooms Brazilian cinema from day 30 of June (Thursday). Second feature by the gaucho director Gilson Vargas, the psychological drama follows a group of eight people cut off from civilization as they each deal with their own inner demons. – and external.

In a house lost in the middle of nowhere live the couple Bertha and Werner, adult mouth kasper, Uli, Lila and the teenage twins Christoffer and Mayla. The housekeeper Erika also lives in the house.. There, the workforce does not differ men and women, but the final word is always Werner's. Older people see work and silence as the best virtues, while young people expect more from life. The imposed isolation affects everyone in their own way. Fear and repression are common denominators.

the hive” takes place during the period of World War II, when speaking German was prohibited in Brazilian territory, in addition to various other cultural restrictions. An atmosphere of mistrust hangs over cities and countryside. The threat of invaders, disease and hunger also knock at the door of the inhabitants of the house. Twins Mayla and Christoffer don't agree with adults' views. Christoffer would rather roam the woods than face school bullying and Mayla struggles to escape the colony. The betrayal of her own twin brother and a series of hardships lead Mayla to a dark end., where silence and lies hide deep secrets.

For the director, the film addresses contemporary issues. “'The Hive’ is permeated by several “combs” of sub-themes that dialogue with our world today, even if the story takes place in the first half of the last century, points Vargas. “This game of mirroring between a period fiction with an air of suspense and our current reality is reflected in the “combs” that permeate the narrative. The hive that from the outside looks peaceful, but when violated it becomes agitated and dangerous”, concludes.

The actors' preparation included an immersion in the way of life of the German settlers.. Many of the objects used by the characters were chosen by the interpreters themselves.. Filming took place in four municipalities in RS: Marata, I looked new, Harmony and Good Principle. The century-old house that serves as the main setting is original from the end of the 19th century.. In typical half-timbered style, has been restored especially for the film. “the hive” had its world premiere in Estonia, no Black Nights International Film Festival.

“the hive” is an achievement of black leg and has distribution of launches movies. Funding is from the RS FAC Pro-Culture Public Notice for Audiovisual Production, carried out by the Government of the State of Rio Grande do Sul/SEDAC, and Audiovisual Sector Fund, through Ancine and BRDE.


“the hive”

Playing in cinemas across Brazil from 30 June 2022

Drama/Suspense | 110 min. | Country: Brasil

Trailer: youtu.be/gOJTj8F1uOE

Indicative Classification: 16 years

Instagram: @lancafilmes | Facebook:/lancafilmes | Tik Tok: @lancafilmes

WebSite: lancafilmes.com.br

long synopsis: A teenager struggles to leave the colony where she lives with a group of German immigrants. isolated from the world, Mayla is oppressed and betrayed by her own twin brother. Against the backdrop of the years 1940 in the interior of the south of the country, when speaking german was prohibited by law, the group seeks to be invisible, but the fear of the surroundings makes them fragile and leads them to violent conflicts with each other. In this atmosphere of anguish, oppression and dread, A series of hardships lead Mayla to a grim denouement., where silence and lies hide deep secrets. Mayla's flesh is sweet in a dark and bitter time.

Short Synopsis: A teenager oppressed and betrayed by her twin brother, struggles to escape the colony where he lives with a group of German immigrants. Isolated from the world and living in an atmosphere of dread, A series of hardships lead Mayla to a grim denouement., where silence and lies hide deep secrets. Mayla's flesh is sweet in a dark and bitter time.


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Direction: Gilson Vargas

Screenplay: Diones Camargo, Gilson Vargas and Matheus Borges

Executive Production: Gabriela Bervian and Gilson Vargas, Francis Caselani

Production direction: Deise Chagas, Eduarda Nedel and Gabriela Bervian

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Director of photography: Bruno Polidoro

Assembly: Gabriela Bervian

Art direction: Gilka Vargas and Iara Noemi

Direct Sound: Higor Rodrigues and Tiago Meyer

sound design: Gabriela Bervian

Soundtrack: Leo Henkin

Distribution: launches movies

Main cast: Andressa Matos (Mayla), Janaina Pelizon (Bertha), João Pedro Prates (Christoffer), Martina Happy (Uli), Rafael Franskowiak (Werner), Renata de Lélis (Lila), Samuel Reginatto (Kasper) e Thais Petzhold (Erika).

About director

Gilson Vargas is a screenwriter, director and producer. Graduated in Journalism with a Masters in Communication. He is professor of script and direction in the cinema course at Unisinos.. Stand out the long “Dromedary on Asphalt”, shown at the VI Filmmakers' Week, The Drowned House shorts, winner of four Kikito at the Gramado and Firefly Festival, winner of the International non-budget Film Festival of Gibara, Cuba, and the series “Far from home”, filmed in five countries and shown by Globo Internacional and “Crossings Series”, also filmed in several countries in 28 episodes scheduled to premiere 2022. “the hive” it's your second feature. A curiosity about Vargas is that he also composed soundtracks for several films, yours and fellow directors, in addition to having directed award-winning plays, such as “Crucial Two One”, by Paulo Scott and “9 Lies About Truth”, by Diones Camargo.

About Pata Negra – Producer

With ten years of operation, Pata Negra is a production company based in Porto Alegre and produces films and series aimed at co-productions inside and outside Brazil.. He made award-winning shorts, medium and feature fiction and documentary series filmed in more than 15 countries.

About Launches Films – distributor

Launch Films is a distribution company of audiovisual content. Distributing feature and short films, series and new formats, at festivals, show, cinema, VOD, closed and open television, internet and on new platforms. Among its titles are: “Mateína – the lost herb” (2022), “Italian Legacy” (2021), “portunol” (2021), “Dysphoria”(2020), “The City of Pirates” (2019), “Tamara” (2018), “Directional” (2018) and “Dromedary on Asphalt” (2014).


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