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Oi Futuro presents artistic occupation on mental health starring women

Project Head Place Body Place debut in May at the cultural center in Flamengo, with performance (13/05), installation (18/05) and scenic intervention (19/05)

The project Head Place Body Place occupies the Oi Futuro, no Flamengo, until 12 of June with three artistic activities that take place in parallel and address Mental Health. Trata-se from performance A Woman in the Sun (premiere day 13/05, 6St fair), the installation Art in Crossing (premiere day 18/05, 4St fair) and the scenic intervention Free Admission to Visitors (premiere day 19/05, 5St fair).


The project is the result of a collaboration of three independent artistic fronts that have been researching the relationship between art and mental health in recent years.: the artistic core Project Trajectories, coordinated by the director Ivan Sugahara and by the actress Danielle Oliveira, the theatrical collective In La Barca Theater Days, coordinated by the actor and director Bruno Peixoto and by the actress Anna Fernanda and the Crossing Space, coordinated by the artist and curator Marcelo Valle.

The unprecedented performance A Woman in the Sun (from 13/05 to 12/06) is an achievement of Project Trajectories, with dramaturgy created from excerpts from the diary asylum is God (1965) from Maura Lopes Cançado and direction of Ivan Sugahara.

the actresses Danielle Oliveira and Maria Augusta Montera will use the language of dance and physical theater to address the relationship between the experience of confinement during the pandemic and the seclusion experienced by the writer in one of her hospitalizations at the National Psychiatric Center, in Rio de Janeiro. The recorded voice of Danielle reading excerpts from the book is the only speech present in the performance and narrates Maura's daily life at the institution., that lasted five months (October 1959 to March 1960).

The performance restarts day 07 of july in Avignon Festival – event that takes place annually in France since 1947, international reference in the field.

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The installation Art in Crossing (from 18/05 to 12/06) is curated by Marcelo Valle and will exhibit historical psychiatry materials and plastic works by users of the public mental health network and visual artists linked to the Crossing Space, Center for Culture and Science of the Nise da Silveira Municipal Institute. Note: 18 May is National Anti-Asylum Fight Day, for this reason the facility will be inaugurated on this date.

the scenic intervention Free Admission to Visitors (19/05 to 12/06) will be led by the actresses Anna Fernanda and Nady Oliveira. Created by the collective In La Barca Theater Days, the work uses the language of documentary theater and is structured from the narratives of women who experienced the daily life of psychiatric hospitalizations in some way, either as users or as health professionals. Dramaturgy and direction of Bruno Peixoto.

Mental health

In common, the lines of research of these three artistic fronts investigate the boundaries between sanity and “madness”, in line with the psychiatric reform and anti-asylum struggle. The discussion gains relevance in the post-pandemic context, where the confinement, the losses and the economic crisis led to the worsening of mental health.

The second annual trends report Linkedin Brazil, 2022 It's the year of mental health and, according to research by the Ipsos institute, ordered by World Economic Forum, the mental well-being of 53% of Brazilians got a little or a lot worse in the last year, in life under the pandemic.

The project Head Place Body Place will be carried out through the sponsorship of the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Secretary of State for Culture and Creative Economy of Rio de Janeiro and Oi, through the State Cultural Incentive Law.

Project History “Head Place Body Place”

From 2017 to 2019, was presented in Crossing Space – cultural core of Nise da Silveira Municipal Institute – the scenic experiment Head Place Body Place, created by the collective In La Barca Theater Days in partnership with the actress Danielle Oliveira.

Based on testimonies of people who have experienced asylum admissions, the theatrical experience had a series of regular performances. The general public was made up of professionals., family members and users of the public mental health network, in addition to the community interested in breaking the social isolation of people with psychic suffering.

This project was very well received by the public and professionals in the field.. In an initiative to break down barriers and broaden the discussions, was re-elaborated to reach a larger audience and approved by the public notice of the Oi Cultural Sponsorship Encouraged Program.

Another fruit of labor Head Place Body Place was the creation of the artistic nucleus Project Trajectories, formed by the actress Danielle Oliveira and by the director Ivan Sugahara. From 2019 to 2022, the duo carried out a series of audiovisual actions on mental health and the experience of confinement, released on digital channels during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Bruno Peixoto

Actor, playwright, director, writer and illuminator. He has more than twenty years of artistic trajectory in partnership with groups and theater companies in Rio de Janeiro., Minas Gerais and Bahia. As a writer, he is the author of The Book of Little Mysteries, collection of fantastic tales (2012). Since 2014, integrates to Open Rehearsal Company and is one of the directors of the theater collective In La Barca Theater Days – for which he acted and directed in all the works of the Documentary Trilogy – The Voice of Anonymous; in addition to signing the script and creation design of the audiovisual productions of the collective. He is one of the creators of the magazine JACUBA, annual publication of In La Barca dedicated to recording and reflecting on projects carried out based on the principles of Documentary Theater.

Ivan Sugahara

Formed in Theater Theory (UNIRIO), Ivan is a theater director and playwright. already staged more than 50 parts in 23 year career. received the Cesgranrio Award 2015 for Best Show for Talk to me like the rain and let me hear and the Quality Brazil Awards for Best Director and Show by Carioca news (2004), assembly of the company. of the Actors he co-directed with Enrique Diaz. He was nominated three times for the Shell Award from Best Direction and received three nominations for the Brazil Quality Awards for Best Director and Best Show. Directed the ceremony Brazilian Film Grand Prix in 8 editions. He is the artistic director of the company.. the unbalanced, supplementing 26 years in 2022.

Marcelo Valle (installation curator)

Master in Social Communication by the Postgraduate Program in Social Communication at Fluminense Federal University (UFF) (2012-2014), in the search line “Media, Culture and Production of Sense”. He holds a degree in Social Communication from UFF (2002) and specialization in Photography as a Research Instrument in the Social Sciences by the Universidade Cândido Mendes (2004). Photographer, since 2000, works on different social projects in low-income communities, both in rural area, how urban. Since 2016, coordinates Crossing Space which is in Nise da Silveira Municipal Institute acting as curator of several exhibitions.

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Anna Fernanda

Actress formed by ETET of Martins Penna Hall Theatre and historian (UERJ). Actress-researcher and coordinator of the In La Barca Theater Days, was directly involved in theoretical and dramaturgical research, in the creation of the costumes and in the performance of the Documentary Trilogy – The Voice of Anonymous; composed by the works Antonio De Gastão – memory is work, Head Place Body Place and The House and the World Outside – Letters From Paulo Freire to Nathercinha. She is the creator of the digital magazine JACUBA Vol. 1 – Teatro, memory and popular culture. was on the Coordination and Editorial Board of JACUBA Vol. 2 – Head place, place of body, Place of Memory. Signed the general coordination of the project A Certain Mr Gabriel, documentary about the popular artist Gabriel Joaquim dos Santos. He also acted in the show A Moment That Disappeared under the direction of Carolina Virguez.

Danielle Oliveira

Actress, dancer and researcher graduated from CAL and graduate from Angel Vianna College. He has been working with theater in Rio de Janeiro for 12 years. Integrated Open Rehearsal Company from 2013 to 2016. Idealized the theatrical occupation Head Place Body Place, an artistic and social research on mental health, what happened from 2017 to 2019 at the Nise da Silveira Municipal Institute. Join the dance group Epiphany, directed by Dani Cavanellas. In 2020 created in partnership with the director Ivan Sugahara, the Project Trajectories.

Maria Augusta Montera

Graduated by CAL in 2015, the actress Maria Augusta Montera is a researcher of the psychophysical method of interpretation MUSA created by the Greek director Sotiris Karamesinis. member of CLA. Theatrical MUSE, worked for 5 years as a theater teacher, director and playwright at ONG Solar Light boys, and acted in the documentary Happy Princes awarded 14 times at international festivals. In 2020, completed his training at International School of Dramatic Body Mime, in Paris, and 2021 participated with your Project Moth of the artistic residency at Grotowski Institute, at Poland, where he developed and held a body workshop for women.

Nady Oliveira

Actress from Pernambuco, tap dancer trained by Carol Lemos School, and composer. integrated to COpen Test company from 2015 to 2019, where he acted in the shows What Times Are These? (2016 to 2018); 10 Days That Shook the World (2017); Light In The Darkness And Black Corner (2019). In 2020 He served in Yabá Black Women, was artistic coordination assistant and worked on the project 72 DIAS (2021), awarded with resources from the Aldir Blanc Law. Signed directing assistance on the documentary A Certain Mr Gabriel (2021), is an actress in the show The House and the World Outside: Letters From Paulo Freire to Nathercinha (2018 – 2021). Join the collective In the Boat Theater Days.


Head Place Body Place

Performance: A Woman in the Sun (from 13/05 to 12/06)
Local: Oi Futuro Theater // R. second of december, 63 – Flamengo, RJ
Days: from 6th to Sunday
Time: 20h
Entrance: free with password withdrawal
Rating: 16 years

Installation: Art in Crossing (from 18/05 to 12/06)
Local: Oi Futuro Theater // R. second of december, 63 – Flamengo, RJ
Days: from wednesday to sunday
Time: from 11:00 to 6:00 pm
Entrance: free
Rating: 12 years

Intervention: Free Admission to Visitors (19/05 to 12/06)
Local: Oi Futuro // S. second of december, 63 – Flamengo, RJ
Days: from 5th to Sunday
Time: of 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Entrance: free
Rating: 12 years

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